2014 KBO First-Year Player Draft Results (with Mock Draft Comparison)


This is basically how the KBO First-Year Player Draft looks like.

With having the draft open to the public, the place was packed!  Players, scouts, the media, family members of the players, and bloggers and ordinary fans were stretching for a better sight to get a glimpse of the progress.

The draft, however, ended as soon as it began.  It took only about 50 minutes to complete the 105 selections.  That is roughly two picks per minute.  A well-known play-by-play announcer called out the selections, and cheers and surprised wows

were heard.  This had me thinking all those guys on Twitter, who said they will have the draft broadcasted, either had KBO credentials with a designated seat, or watched it at home.  I suppose the “bbali, bbali” (빨리빨리, “hurry, hurry) culture influenced the draft, or the entertainment aspect has not been kicked in yet.

So, below are the results out of 720 applicants (448 high schoolers, 259 collegians, 13 others):

2014 KBO First-Year Player Draft_Results002 2014 KBO First-Year Player Draft_Results003 2014 KBO First-Year Player Draft_Results004 2014 KBO First-Year Player Draft_Results005 2014 KBO First-Year Player Draft_Results006 2014 KBO First-Year Player Draft_Results007 2014 KBO First-Year Player Draft_Results008 2014 KBO First-Year Player Draft_Results009 2014 KBO First-Year Player Draft_Results010 2014 KBO First-Year Player Draft_Results011 2014 KBO First-Year Player Draft_Results012

2014 KBO First-Year Player Draft_Analysis001

As mentioned in my previous post, the mock draft was done by an online baseball community called Ama Yagu Sarang (아마야구사랑, “The Love for Amateur Baseball”).  The predictions was a bust.  With the 15th overall pick being their only

prediction hit, their mock draft went 1-for-105 (0.010 batting average!).  Even if I count which teams the players were drafted by, that would still be a dismal 14-for-105 (0.133).  By the looks of all the comments about them on the web, this is a surprise.  Almost up to 40 draftees were not even on the mock draft list.

I guess the emergence of KT made it a bit trickier.  Besides, who would have thought they would build their team with position players?  Plus, it seems like they have not been keeping up with the trend: There has been a 15% increase of college draftees compared to three years ago, making it almost half of the entire selections.


Book3_페이지_1Percentage of draftees by level, 2000-2014. (Baseball in Korea)



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