2013 IBAF AAA (18U) Baseball World Cup Results

Çѱ¹Ã»¼Ò³â¾ß±¸´ëÇ¥ÆÀ, º£³×¼ö¿¤¶ó¿¡°Ô ½Â¸®The 2013 Korea National Team in Taichung. (news 1 Korea)

The IBAF AAA (18U) Baseball World Cup ended about a week ago with the United States repeating the championship title.  South Korea, with their All-Star pro-draftees, and high hopes of bringing the title back home in five years, repeated the fifth spot.  This year’s team featured a multitude of disappointments, which have been reported through a number of Korean media.  Here are three main issues that have been raised:

1. Poor hitting
As a team, Korea hit a whopping 0.204 in the first round before entering the 17-4 blow-out against Team Italy.  They bat 0.224 against the top four teams (US, Japan, Taiwan, and Cuba).  There had also been a serious power outage as Lim Byeong-wuk (임병욱, 1B, Duksoo High School) was the only player to hit the only home run they have.  This lack of offense has been blamed for the introduction of wooden bats in high school baseball back in 2004.  A single home run will bring players the Most Home Run Award in major tournaments.  Moreover, Schools are playing excessive small ball as high school coaches in Korea are pressured to focus on winning ball games, and care less about player development.

2. Bad scheduling
This year, with the revival of the Phoenix Flag Championship and inauguration of the KBA President’s Flag competition, Korean high school baseball programs will play a total of six tournaments.  With the intention to bring education to student athletes, the schools also play a league schedule every weekend in spring.  This all led to a crammed and packed schedule, in which the national team had to leave for the World Cup in the middle of a tournament.  Two pitchers, Yu Hee-woon (RHP, Bugil HS, KT Wiz’s Priority Round pick) and Lee Su-min (LHP, Daegu Sangwon HS, Samsung Lions’ first pick), who were expected to anchor this team, just came out throwing 327 and 291 pitches respectively in their three President’s Cup appearances.  The two combined to make six appearances and to pitch just 6 1/3 innings (5 H, 6 R, 4 ER, 6 BB, 7 K) in Taiwan.

3. The attitude
Hard-working, courteous, and being modest are some of the words that best describes Koreans.  These, however, were not the cases in this competition.  Already having been drafted by professional clubs, it seemed the players were not inspired to play for their country.  The new KBO (Korea Baseball Organization) regulation, which nearly prohibits them from playing overseas, also gave them less reason to show themselves off to the international scouts.  In addition to this, the media pinned Korean players for unsportsmanlike conduct as they did not show respect for their opponents after games.  After their 10-0 loss to Japan, it was caught on tape that some of the Korean players did not even bother shaking hands with the Japan National Team.



  • Pool B, Game 18 (Box Scores): Cuba 2 – 1 Korea
    @ Taichung Intercontinental Baseball Stadium
  • Pool B, Game 22 (Box Scores): Colombia 0 – 4 Korea
    @ Douliu Baseball Stadium
  • Pool B, Game 07 (Box Scores): Korea 1 – 2 USA
    @ Taichung Baseball Field
  • Pool B, Game 26 (Box Scores): Australia 0 – 4 Korea
    @ Taichung Baseball Field
  • Pool B, Game 03 (Box Scores): Korea 17 – 4 Italy (8 inn.)
    @ Taichung Interncontinental Baseball Stadium
  • Round 2, Game 36 (Box Scores): Korea 0 – 10 Japan (7 inn.)
    @ Taichung Intercontinental Baseball Stadium
  • Round 2, Game 37 (Box Scores): Korea 11 – 1 Venezuela
    @ Taichung Intercontinental Baseball Stadium
  • Round 2, Game 41 (Box Scores): Korea 4 – 5 Taiwan (11 inn.)
    @ Taichung Intercontinental Baseball Stadium
  • 5-6th Place Match (Box Scores): Venezuela 1 – 6 Korea
    @ Taichung Baseball Field


Individual Stats

Pitching stats.  Click to enlarge. (Baseball in Korea)

Batting stats.  Click to enlarge. (Baseball in Korea)




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