Shut Out but Not a Complete Game – April 29, 1998


*Jin Pil-jung’s rare form of shut out was on the headlines. (Courtesy of Kyunghyang Shinmun via Naver Library)

On this day…

in 1998, then OB Bears (now the Seoul Doosan Bears) pitcher, Jin Pil-jung (진필중), pitched a shut out which did not count as a complete game.  Jin relieved Kim Sang-jin (김상진) in the bottom of the 1st with no outs, and got the next 27 outs without giving up a run.  Since he did not start the game he was not recognized for going the distance.

Actually this was all part of a starting rotation in disguise.  Kim was planned to start the game on that day.  However, he injured his waist after a bullpen session two days before.  Bears manager Kim In-sik (김인식) had to go with Kim Sang-jin since he was the announced starter, but eventually pulled him out after facing one batter.

1998 was the first year the Korea Baseball Organization introduced the rule for teams to announce their starting pitchers in advance.




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