65-min. Protest by the Fans – May 1, 1985


*An article that has the story of the 65-minute pandemonium. (Courtesy of the Kyunghyang Shinmun via Naver Library)

On this day…

in 1985, pandemonium broke out at the old Dongdaemun Baseball Stadium in Seoul during a game between the Haitai Tigers (now the KIA Tigers) and OB Bears (now the Seoul Doosan Bears).  Last night we saw a fan under the influence assault an umpire unhappy with a controversial call.

Well, on May 1, 1985, some 3,500 Haitai fans went furious after a catch made by the Tigers center fielder was not ruled an out.  Umpires claimed they the ball took a hop before it went into the glove.  However, in disagreement, Haitai fans started throwing cans and even threw chairs onto the field after tearing them off the stands.  The protest went on for more than an hour until Haitai players had to bow towards the angry fans to ask them to calm down.

This was the bad-ass era of Korean professional baseball.




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