Trouble with the Glove

Last night the SK Wyverns set a record by committing eight defensive errors in their 20-2 road loss against the KIA Tigers.  After a series filled with controversial calls, angry drunk fans, and dried squids on fire, this was definitely not what the Wyverns had in mind before returning home for the weekend series.


*Not only the score, but also the number on the error column was depressing for the SK Wyverns. (Courtesy of Sports Chosun)

Five of those eight were made by shortstops, two by second baseman, Na Ju-hwan (나주환), and one was charged to the starting pitcher, Jo-Jo Reyes.  Kim Sung-hyun (김성현), who was the starting shortstop, committed three errors.  He was replaced by Shin Hyun-chul (신현철) only to add two more on the error column.

Eight errors is the most committed by a single team in a game, and it is just one shy of the most committed by both teams in a game.

So, how many was the previous record?

The answer is seven.  The most recent team to commit seven errors in a game did it 14 years ago.

On August 15, 2000, the Hyundai Unicorns booted seven plays in a road game against the Busan Lotte Giants.  The Unicorns lost 16-3.  Among the list of names who committed errors on that day were Lee Sung-yong (이숭용), Park Jong-ho (박종호), Park Kyung-oan (박경완), and Park Jin-man (박진만) – names you would know if you had been following Korean baseball.

The Wyverns’ previous franchise record was five set in 2000 (vs. Hanwha Eagles) and 2004 (vs. Seoul Doosan Bears).

Perhaps this can cheer up SK fans.

The 2000 Hyundai Unicorns won a record 91 games (42 losses, 2 ties, 0.695 winning percentage) that season and went on to win the Korean Series.




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