Top 1st, First Pitch Leadoff Home Run – May 2, 1984


*A small portion of the newspaper denoting Lee’s rare achievement. (Courtesy of the Kyunghyang Shinmun via Naver Library)

On this day…

in 1984, as soon as the umpire called, “Play ball!”, Lee Hae-chang (이해창) of the MBC Chungyong (now the LG Twins) drilled the first pitch of the game thrown by Haitai Tigers starter, *Joo Dong-sik (주동식), to the outfield bleachers.  This was the first ever top of the 1st, first pitch leadoff home run in the Korea Baseball Championship.  So far such home runs have been hit 25 times by 18 different players in the history of the league:


*List of top of the 1st inning, first pitch leadoff home runs hit in the Korea Baseball Championship.


*Joo was also known as Uda Toshoku (宇田東植), and played in Nippon Professional Baseball in 1972-1982.




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