RBI Stolen by a Fan – May 3, 1987

On this day…

in 1987, 29,633 showed up for the Haitai-MBC game (this would be a KIA-LG game now) at Jamsil Baseball Stadium, which was well over its capacity.  Of the 10,000 who had to go back home unable to get tickets, around 2,500 of them broke the gates as they pushed their way into the stadium.


*This article explains the chaos that happened in the game. (Courtesy of the Kyunghyang Shinmun via Naver Library)

This was not all.

In the bottom of the 5th with a runner on first, MBC Chungyong’s Lee Kwang-eun (이광은) smacked a double off the left field wall driving home the runner on first.  Then a fan jumped down from the bleachers, snatched the ball, ran away, and disappeared into the crowd.

The umpires called time and the ball became dead.  The runner who touched home had to retreat to third base.

Ah!  The good ole’ days.




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