Yellow Ribbons


*Players wearing the yellow ribbon patch during last night’s games. (Courtesy of MK Sports, mydaily, Osen, and Sports Korea)

All players, coaches, and umpires of the Korea Baseball Championship (top professional league) and Futures League (minor league) will be wearing yellow ribbon on their caps and helmets beginning May 3.  This was decided on April 29 during the Korea Baseball Organization’s (KBO) Board of Director Meeting.


*Umpires with the yellow ribbon patch on. (Courtesy of MK Sports)

These yellow ribbons are meant as a prayer for the safe return of those missing from the capsized Sewol ferry.  It also is a sign of respect towards those affected by the tragic accident.

Furthermore, the ballclubs have decided to continue to refrain from cheerleading, using electronic loudspeakers, and organizing fan festivities until an appropriate time.

Players, coaches, and personnel have also paid visits to the memorial altars during the past few days.


*The Samsung Lions are paying respect at an altar near Daegu. (Courtesy of the Yeongnamilbo)


*For those interested in visiting a memorial altar nearby, below is a list complied by Suzy Chung, who writes for




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