Jamsil’s First Out-of-the-Park Home Run – May 4, 2000

On this day…

in 2000, Kim Dong-joo (김동주) of the Seoul Doosan Bears crushed a 1-0 count for a mammoth shot that cleared the outfield seatings and dropped near the Sports Complex subway station (Line 2 of Seoul Metro) entrance.  The home run came in the bottom of the 3rd inning off Busan Lotte Giants starter, Emiliano Giron.

The distance of the out-of-the-parker measured 150 meters (approx. 492 feet), and it was the first ever that was hit out of Jamil Baseball Stadium.  The Bears found it amazing and installed a commemorative plaque on the spot where the ball had dropped.  The team also sent out an announcement during the game to search for the person who possessed the ball.  Luckily, a man who was late for the game picked it up thinking it was a foul ball.  He returned it to the ballclub after the game, and was provided tickets for the remainder of the season and Seoul Doosan Bears multimedia CDs.


*The special plaque that commorates Kim Dong-joo’s monster home run. (Courtesy of the Korea Baseball Organization)

What sticks out from this achievement is not the fact that it cleared the roof, since several others have hit it out of Jamsil afterwards.  In the Korea Baseball Championship, only four players have hit a home run that reached the 150-meter plateau.  They are:


*All-time home runs that reached 150 meters.




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