Left Out in the Cold? (Part 2)

Whether it is having of an additional franchise or adding a foreign position player, pitching has been brutal this season in the Korea Baseball Championship.  The Futures Leagues is no exception.

Yesterday, the Korean Police Baseball Team and Doosan Bears combined for 36 runs with the Police squad topping the Bears 21-15.  In this wild game, we had another pitcher sacrifice himself in the cold.


*The pitching stats of both teams. (Courtesy of the Korea Baseball Organization/Sports2i)

Right-hander Kim Su-wan (김수완) of the Doosan Bears, who was acquired as a free agent compensation this past off-season, gave up 18 runs in three innings of work.  Eight runs in the 1st, two runs in the 2nd, and another eight in the 3rd inning.  Luckily, only (?) 11 of them were earned.

Yes, it is May.  And, yes, the temperature in Seoul yesterday dipped as low as 4˚C (39.2˚F).




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