Seoul Nexen Heroes “Yagu in Girl” – Apr./May, 2014

With the rising number of female spectators at baseball games, the Seoul ‎Nexen‬ Heroes have initiated a program to encourage more young women to follow the game.  The title of the program is “Yagu in Girl” which is a sort of a pun as it means “it’s baseball” if read in Korean (yagu is the word for baseball in Korean).


*Promotional poster of the program. (Courtesy of the Seoul Nexen Heroes)

Part of the ballclubs’s marketing and public relations staff will visit six women’s only universities in Seoul to teach about the rules, and provide tips on how to enjoy the game.

And, below is the schedule for each school:

  • Mar. 27, 16:30 @ Sookmyung Women’s University
  • Apr. 11, 17:00 @ Ewha Womans University
  • Apr. 29, 15:00 @ Seoul Women’s University
  • Apr. 30, 17:00 @ Sungshin Women’s University
  • May 13, 17:00 @ Dongduk Women’s University
  • May 14, 17:00 @ Duksung Women’s University


The Heroes also shared a footage of the class held at Ewha Womans University:



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