Samsung Lions Go Green

The Samsung Lions signed a partnership with the Ministry of Environment’s Daegu Environmental Management Office on March 27.


*Bae Young-soo is now the Goodwill Amabassador for the “Going Green in Daily Life” movement. (Courtesy of Samsung Lions)

Both parties will work together to create awareness for an eco-friendly way of enjoying sports.  The following are some examples of what will be done at Daegu Citizen Baseball Stadium:

  • Designate a “Going Green in Daily Life Day” to encourage spectators to segragate waste, leave no food, and bring their own waste out of the stadium.
  • Display quizzes on environmental facts and issues on the scoreboard during “Cleaning Time” (end of the 5th inning).
  • Display pollution control and public transport information, and any tips on going green in daily life on the scoreboard.

Meanwhile, right-hander Bae Young-soo (배영수) was appointed as the goodwill ambassador for the “Going Green in Daily Life” movement.




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