The Seoul Rivalry, Part 1 – June 1, 1995

On this day…

in 1995, the two ballclubs sharing their home field in the nation’s capital displayed one of their many conflicts to the public.  This one happened in the field of marketing.


*Article featuring the promotion conflict. (Courtesy of Dong-A Ilbo via Naver Library)

The LG Twins decided to hold a “Cass Day” on June 1, which was the opening game of a three-game series against their neighboring rival, the OB Bears (now the Seoul Doosan Bears).  It was also the one-year anniversary of the beer.  Cass had originally been brewed by Jinro-Coors back at that time, and the Twins planned to give out 1,000 boxes of 12-pack Cass beer through a lottery during the game.

OB, an abbreviation for “Oriental Brewery”, was established by Doosan Group in 1952.  (Thus, the Bears, despite having changed their company name to Doosan, still counts as one of the four charter franchises.)  Apparently, they were not happy to see their rival products in the stadium.  They accused the Twins of breaking the rules, ones set during a pre-season meeting between marketing managers of each franchise.  Reportedly, the managers agreed not to promote products from each of their competitors in the stadiums.

Then, the Twins backed off claiming they were in a position to simply follow orders of their parent company.  Jinro-Coors even considered holding the event on another day.


*A newspaper cartoon that depicts the situation. (Courtesy of the Kyunghyang Shinmun via Naver Library)


Eventually, Jinro-Coors pushed the promotion on the scheduled date claiming they had too much opinions that said, “how can you celebrate a birthday on another day?”  They, however, did not have their president throw out the ceremonial first pitch stating it may provoke their rival company.


*Jinro/Coors Brewery had these ads on the newspaper on June 1. (Courtesy of Dong-A Ilbo via Naver Library)

Four years later, OB bought Cass Brewery.  Jinro now brews Hite.




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