Changwon NC Dinos “Vote and Receive Two Tickets” – Jun. 4, 2014


Today is a nationwide election day in South Korea to vote for local governors, council members, and superintendents of education, and the Changwon NC Dinos have come up with an offer to promote local people to vote.

The name of the offer, “Vote and Receive Two Tickets” (투표하고 TWO 표 받자!), is an interlingual pun as the word for “vote” in Korean is “tupyo” (투표, pronounced “too-p-yo“; can be used as a noun or verb).  The word “Pyo” also stands for “ticket” or any piece of paper that has some sort of authority bestowed upon it.  Therefore, “tupyo” would also sound like “two pyos” or “two tickets”.  So, if you understand the Korean language, the translation of the offer would sound like, “Tupyo (vote) to Receive Two Pyos (tickets)”.

Enough with the pun talk.

Those who vote today will be able to purchase two reserved outfield seats of tonight’s game for the price of one.  The Dinos are also generous enough to allow minors (middle school, high school students), who are not eligible to vote, to be compensated with the special offer as well.  However, you will only be able to receive the special offer on site at Masan Baseball Stadium upon showing a receipt that proves you have voted.

So, where do you get the receipts?

Just simply ask a staff after you vote, and they’ll immediately write a receipt for you.  Ask for a “tu-pyo hwa-gin-jeung” (투표확인증).

And, let us be clear on one thing. This is only for constituencies within Gyeongsangnam-do (South Gyeongsang Province).  Not Busan, not Ulsan.  Only Gyeongsangnam-do.  These three are totally separate administrative divisions.


*If you received one of these under your name it means you can vote.

Foreigners are eligible to vote in this election.  But, only if you have been granted permanent residence for more than three years.  For more info., check South Korea’s National Election Commission.




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