KBO and Ministry of Patriots and Veterans Affairs “Patriotism Campaign”

The Korea Baseball Organization (KBO) and Ministry of Patriots and Veterans Affairs (MPVA) will hold their third annual “Patriotism Campaign” (나라 사랑 캠페인) on June 1-7 to honor and respect those who fought and worked for the country.

During this period, ballclubs will be inviting veterans and their families, while some of them will be throwing out the ceremonial first pitch.  In addition, each teams will be displaying promotional video clips and quotes on the scoreboard in between innings.

June 6 is the Memorial Day of South Korea.  (Along with this, the Korean government designated the entire month as a military/patriot appreciation period.)  Flags will be raised at half mast, and there will be a moment of silence before the game to show respect for those who sacrificed for South Korea (as well as for those affected by the tragic Sewol ferry accident).

On June 5-8, all players will be wearing the “Great Patriot Tree” patch on their uniforms.


*The Great Patriot Tree logo (Courtesy of the Ministry of Patriots and Veterans Affairs)

Other than this, some of the ballclubs will be wearing their own version of military jerseys during their home game on Memorial Day (or closest to it):

  • Busan Lotte Giants: The Giants will be wearing their camouflage jerseys on June 5, which would be their home game closest to Memorial Day.


    *Busan Lotte Giants’ camo jerseys. (Courtesy of the Busan Lotte Giants)

  • Changwon NC Dinos: The Dinos had a special Navy uniform since the city they play in has a naval base.  However, they have a bye series starting on Memorial Day, and has not announced whether they will wear them on June 5.


    *Changwon NC Dinos’ Navy uniform. (Courtesy of the Changwon NC Dinos)

  • Hanwha Eagles: The Eagles has jumped onto the bandwagon this season as they unveiled their camouflage jerseys earlier this season.  These will be worn on Memorial Day as they have a home game then.


    Hanwha Eagles’ camo jersey. (Courtesy of the Hanwha Eagles)




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