Busan Lotte Giants “Uniform Week” – Jun. 10-16, 2014


The Busan Lotte Giants will have a “Uniform Week” during their six-game home stand that begins tonight (Jun. 10).  During these six games, the Giants will be wearing all six of their different uniforms on the field, and they go like this:

  • Jun. 10 vs. LG Twins: Regular home jerseys.
  • Jun. 11 vs. LG Twins: 1980s throwback jerseys.
  • Jun. 12 vs. LG Twins: Alternate home jerseys for UNICEF Day.
  • Jun. 13 vs. KIA Tigers: Regular road jerseys.  (Road jerseys at home!)
  • Jun. 14 vs. KIA Tigers: Alternate home camouflage jerseys for Memorial Day (Jun. 6) and Liberation Day (Aug. 15).
  • Jun. 15 vs. KIA Tigers: Alternate home jerseys worn only when a home game fall on a Sunday.

What is more is, on each day, the first 1,000 visitors wearing a Giants jersey (does not matter which of the six jerseys you wear) will receive a Kang Min-ho (강민호) badge.  For those who are not familiar with players, Kang is the team’s everyday catcher as well as their highest paid, franchise (though some may urgue) player.  In addition, jerseys will sold with a 30% discount at the Giants Shop in the stadium.

While writing this post, I have just realized that all but the Changwon NC Dinos do not wear grey colored pants for their road uniform.  All they do is wear a colored jersey when the team is on the road.  So, I guess players receive a bunch of white pants when they make the team.




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