Busan Lotte Giants “Champions Day”

On the last home game that falls on a Wednesday of each month, the Busan Lotte Giants celebrate “Champions Day”.

In 2006, the Giants became the first Korean professional ballclub to wear throwback uniforms introducing retro-marketing to the Korea Baseball Championship.  Back then the event was called “AGAIN 1984” or “AGAIN 1992”.  The team changed the event’s title to “Champions Day” beginning with the 2009 season.


*The Busan Lotte Giants relive their championship seasons on “Champions Day”. (Source: Busan Lotte Giants)

Coaches and players, on this day, wear throwback uniforms (dubbed as the alternate “Champions” uniform) which they wore when they won their two championships back in 1984 and 1992.  The Giants did not undergo a major uniform change until 1996, and has yet to win a championship since then.

All even numbered months will have the 1984 championship flag, and odd numbered months will showcase the 1992 championship flag on Busan Sajik Baseball Stadium’s flag post.

Several fan festivities can be seen throughout the stadium.  Fans who submit special moments about the championship teams are occasionally selected to throw out the ceremonial first pitch.  Recently, the Choi Dong-won Memorial Foundation (최동원기념사업회) holds fundraisers on every “Champions Day”.

Oh, and one important thing: the Giants sell every seat (except skyboxes and for season ticket holders) at half price on this day!




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