NC Dinos Futures League Team to Host Night Games

Good news for those living in Pohang searching for entertainment or a night out at the ballpark.

The Changwon NC Dinos have made an agreement with the city of Pohang to hold night games for their Futures League (minor league) ballclub which began on June 6.  The Dinos farm team have signed a one-year lease to play at Pohang Baseball Stadium for this season.

Pohang Baseball Stadium

*Pohang Baseball Stadium during a Samsung Lions game. (Source: Pohang Sports Council)

With the weather heating up, the Dinos were reportedly concerned about players health and the heat spectators have to endure.  Thus, the first two games of the remaining series at home until August 24 will be a 6:00 pm start (5:00 pm start on Saturdays, Korean Standard Time).  The third games of each series will remain a 1:00 pm start (sometimes rescheduled to 11:00 am) due to transportation time.  The make-ups for postponed games due to inclement weather are yet to be determined.

A total of 16 games will start in the evening, and the Dinos expect more spectators visit after finishing work.

Most of the Futures League teams play in facilities with no floodlights.  Pohang Baseball Stadium is the Samsung Lions second home, and the Dinos were fortunate to use it this year.  The Dinos will be paying for all necessary needs to host a night game such as electricity.

For information on the Dinos’ remaining games, go to my previous post on the full regular season schedule of the 2014 Futures League.




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