Gangwon High School Initiate Baseball Program

Gangwon High School (강원고등학교) became the 61st high school to have a varsity baseball team as they officially began their baseball program last week on June 27.

The school is located in Chuncheon (춘천), a city with a population of just over 270,000.  The city is also located in Gangwon-do (Gangwon Province), a mountainous region in the northeastern part of South Korea.  One of the other schools in the city ran a program until it was shut down in 2008.

Gangwon High School Baseball Club

*Gangwon High School’s varsity baseball team. (Source: Gangwondominilbo)

One of the supporters of establishing the team is the Hanwha Eagles organization.  Beginning this year, Gangwon-do has been annexed as part of the Eagles’ territory for player development.  Each professional team in South Korea has a region(s) (or designated schools if two or more franchises are based in a single region) assigned for them to invest money into the school programs in it.  With the addition of Gangwon High School, there are now a total of four schools in the province.

Hanwha Eagles support Gangwon High School

*The Hanwha Eagles came to congratulate the initiation of Gangwon High School’s baseball program. They added some support as well. (Source: Hanwha Eagles)




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