KBO Board of Directors Meeting Results in 2014

July 8, 2014

  1. The use of instant replay review will be allowed in the second half of this season.  A Playing Rules Committee meeting will be held next week in order to amend the rules.  Details will be finalized in the upcoming managers’ meeting on July 18.
  2. The regular season in 2015 will be consisted of a total of 720 games with each of the 10 franchises playing 144 games (a team will face every other club 16 times).  There will be no changes regarding postseason qualifications.  However, a gap of less than 1.5 games between the 4th place and 5th place team will induce a one game “wild card” playoff.
  3. 100 million KRW (100,000 USD) of this year’s All-Star Game ticket sales revenue will be donated for those affected by the Sewol ferry accident.


April 29, 2014

  1. All coaches, players, and umpires of the Korea Baseball Championship and Futures League will stick a unified yellow ribbon patch on their caps and helmets beginning on May 3  to pay respect to those affected by the Sewol ferry accident.
  2. All coaches, players, and staff of each franchise will visit a memorial altar nearby to pay respect to the victims.  Cheering led by cheerleaders (and cheergirls), playing loudspeakers, displaying celebrations, organizing events and fan festivities will be restraint for the time being.




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