How to Insult Their Fans ③ – Changwon NC Dinos

Next up are the Changwon NC Dinos, an expansion team that began to play in the Korea Baseball Championship last season.  With the way they are playing this year, I am wondering how many of these would still be a valid insult.  However, being an expansion team, fans would still lose their patience over denying their very existence.

  1. What is this series about?  Also, how to insult Hanwha Eagles fans.
  2. How to insult KIA Tigers fans.


3. Changwon NC Dinos

NC Dinos

*Deny their very existence. (Source: Daehaknaeil)


“Forever Futures League”


The Korea Baseball Organization (KBO) has every expansion team play one season in the Futures League (South Korea’s minor league) before they are called up as a franchise to play in the Korea Baseball Championship.  The Dinos did this as well in 2012, and, as mentioned before, joined the championship in 2013.  With the majority of the players being First-Year Player Draft picks, or longtime Futures League players acquired through the Expansion and Rule 5 drafts, people did not have a clear idea of their roster.  So, this expression would be a way to mock their status.

Of course, the team has pretty much invalidated this with the way they are playing this year so far.  But, can you still name guys in their roster without counting free agency acquisitions and foreign players?



Now here is a term that you may find useful in South Korea.  Pronounced “DOOT-BO-JAWP“, this is an Korean abbreviation for “지도 못한 것”, which would be translated as “a random thing that I have never heard or seen”.  This can also be loosely translated into “Never heard of it”.  A popular slang used among the younger generation.



Another useful term if you are in Korea.  Pronounced like “DOOLERY“, the original meaning of this vocabulary would be the “best man” or “bridesmaid” in a Western-style wedding.  However, this has been transformed into a slang that is a derogatory term for “sidekick” or “foil”.  As mentioned before, the current standings would have the Dinos call this to other teams.


“What’s an NC?” “NC who?”

Reminds me of this interview:


“Doosan’s franchise chain no. 1”

A relatively valid expression among others.  Allow the following list to assist your understanding:

  • Kim Kyung-moon (김경문), manager: ex-Bears catcher and manager.
  • Choi Il-eon (최일언), pitching coach: ex-Bears pitcher and pitching coach.
    ※ Also known as Yamamoto Kazuhiko (山本一彦).
  • Kim Gwang-rim (김광림), hitting coach: ex-Bears outfielder, hitting coach, and Futures League manager.
  • Ray Choi (최경환), hitting coach: ex-Bears outfielder.
  • Kang In-gwon (강인권), bullpen coach: ex-Bears catcher and bullpen coach.
  • Choi Hoon-jae (최훈재), Futures League batting coach: ex-Bears outfielder and hitting coach.
  • Koo Cheon-seo (구천서), Futures League fielding instructor: ex-Bears infielder.
  • Choi Gi-mun (최기문), Futures League bullpen coach: ex-Bears catcher.
  • Ko Chang-sung (고창성), pitcher: acquired via Expansion Draft after 2012 season.
  • Lee Hei-chun (이혜천), pitcher: acquired via free agency after 2013 season.
  • Park Myung-hwan (박명환), pitcher: acquired via free agency after 2013 season.
  • Son Si-hyun (손시헌), infielder: acquired via free agency after 2013 season.
  • Lee Jong-wook (이종욱), outfielder: acquired via free agency after 2013 season.


“‘NC’ has been ‘removed’ by ‘Changwon’.”

Borrowed from a chat room message, this is actually a long heartbreaking saga for many Dinos fans.

The current city of Changwon is actually a conglomerate of three separate cities: Changwon (창원), Jinhae (진해), and Masan (마산).  Due to political reasons (and possibly because of name value and size), the conjoined city uses the name “Changwon” as a whole, while the other two have been demoted to a “gu” (구) or “district” status after the integration in 2010.

NCsoft, an online video game company that made mega-billions during the 2000s, decided to create a franchise in Changwon for good intentions (Masan’s rich baseball history, new start through the integration, etc.) under high possibility that the city would provide them a new stadium in the heart of Changwon.  However, with complicated politics, the former mayor of Changwon chose Jinhae, some 15-20 km southwest from the downtown area, for the new stadium site placing the Dinos is a similar situation of what the Tampa Bay Rays are facing.

Luckily, the tide did turn this year in favor of the Dinos ever since the mayor announced his resignation in order to run for Provincial Governor.


“Even this team shall pass away!”

A parody of a famous quote, which I am not sure of its origin.  The Korean translation of the original quote is a popular expression which people here will post on their facebook.  But, this year, teams will need a lot of luck to pass this team away.





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