Hanwha Eagles “Korean War Armistice/UN Forces Participation Day” – Jul. 27, 2014

On this day (July 27) in 1953, one of the most significant events in Korean history took place.  The Korean Armistice Agreement was signed to put a halt to the Korean War (1950-1953).

Last year, the South Korean government decided to commemorate the event.  In addition, they proclaimed July 27 as the “UN Forces Participation Day” to honor the veterans from the 21 nations of the Allied Forces.

As part of this commemoration, the Hanwha Eagles will be inviting around 350 veterans and their families, and current military personnel from the participating nations to tonight’s game against the KIA Tigers.

A parade will be held before the game with the family members of veterans carrying out the United Nations and national flags of the 21 participating countries.

The ceremonial first pitch will be thrown by an exchange student of Hannam University in Daejeon (city where the Eagles are based), who is also the granddaughter of a Colombian Korean War veteran.  Hannam University runs a “Hannam UN Scholarship” program for family members of UN Allied Forces veterans.




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