Groundbreaking for Soyosan Park Chan-ho Baseball Park

Former Major League pitcher, Park Chan-ho (박찬호), continues his contribution to Korean amateur baseball now as an investor/shareholder for Soyosan Baseball Park, LLC.

Soyosan Baseball Park

*A 3D illustration of Soyosan Park Chan-ho Baseball Park. (Source: Dongducheon City Hall)

The company looks to create a sports park on a 319,519-sq.-meter (79 acres) patch of land in the city of Dongducheon (동두천), located some 55 km (34 miles) north of Seoul.  Five baseball fields, one little league field, batting cages, indoor training center, sportswear shops, and baseball museum are some of the facilities included in the blueprint with a total of 33 billion KRW (33 million USD) for the estimated cost of the overall construction.

Projected to complete in October, 2015, a groundbreaking ceremony was held three weeks ago (Jul. 10, 2014) with Park Chan-ho himself on hand.  Over 300 people, including the mayor of Dongducheon and several adult amateur baseball players, attended the ceremony.

Park Chan-ho at Groundbreaking

*Park Chan-ho at the park’s groundbreaking ceremony. (Source: Yonhap News Agency)





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