KBO “Day of Baseball”

The Korea Baseball Organization (KBO) designated August 23 as the “Day of Baseball”.  It is the date on which the South Korean National Team won gold at the 2008 Beijing Olympics.

A two-week long event with autograph appearances and offers began at stadiums yesterday.

Autograph appearance:

  • August 23 (Saturday)
    – Daegu Citizen Baseball Stadium (17:10-17:30), main square: SK Wyverns’ Kim Kwang-hyun (김광현), Lee Jae-won (이재원) / Samsung Lions’ An Ji-man (안지만), Cha Woo-chan (차우찬), Kim Sang-soo (김상수), Lim Chang-yong (임창용).
    – Gwangju-KIA Champions Field (17:00-17:30), 1B side players entrance: Hanwha Eagles’ Lee Tae-yang (이태양) / Na Ji-wan (나지완), Yang Hyeon-jong (양현종).
    – Jamsil Baseball Stadium (17:00-17:20), 1F main exit: Changwon NC Dinos’ Lee Jae-hak (이재학), Na Sung-bum (나성범) / Seoul Doosan Bears’ Kim Hyun-soo (김현수), Min Byeong-hun (민병헌), Oh Jae-won (오재원).
  • August 24 (Sunday)
    – Busan Sajik Baseball Stadium (16:40-17:00), main square: LG Twins’ Bong Jung-keun (봉중근), Yoo Won-sang (유원상) / Hwang Jae-gyun (황재균), Kang Min-ho (강민호), Son Ah-seop (손아섭).
  • August 26 (Tuesday)
    – Mokdong Baseball Stadium (17:00-17:20), 3B side concourse: Seoul Nexen Heroes’ Han Hyeon-hui (한현희), Kang Jung-ho (강정호), Kim Min-seong (김민성), Park Byung-ho (박병호).

Discounts and offers:

  • Busan Sajik Baseball Stadium (Aug. 24): All outfield seats at 1,000 KRW, 50% off on all other seating categories.
  • Masan Baseball Stadium (Aug. 21-22): 50% off on outfield reserved seats (does not include cheering section).
  • Daegu Citizen Baseball Stadium (Aug. 23): All outfield seats at 2,000 KRW.
  • Hanbat Baseball Stadium (Aug. 26-27): 50% off on all outfield seats.
  • Gwangju-KIA Champions Field (Aug. 23-24): All outfield admission and K3 section at 1,000 KRW.
  • Munhak Baseball Stadium (Aug. 28-29): All non-designated sections at 1,000 KRW, cheering section at 6,000 KRW, 20% off on certain merchandise at official shop.
  • Jamsil Baseball Stadium (Doosan Bears home games, Aug. 23-24): All outfield seats free of charge.
  • Jamsil Baseball Stadium (LG Twins home game, Sep. 2): 50% off on all outfield seats, 20% off on certain merchandise at official shop.
  • Mokdong Baseball Stadium (Aug. 26-27): Ticket holder (infield seats) for game on Aug. 26 will have a free seat (infield) on Aug. 27 game, 20% off on certain merchandise at official shop.




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