Samsung Lions LHP Jang Won-sam Receives Chairman’s Honor

South Korea celebrated its 51st National Savings Day (저축의 날) yesterday.  It is not a holiday, but it was founded by the South Korean government in 1964 to raise awareness of saving as well as accumulate enough capital required to achieve the nation’s 1st ever Economic Development Plan.

Each year, the Financial Services Commission (금융위원회) awards citizens who were nominated as “good” money savers, or public figures who live a frugal way of life and donate money to the needy.

National Savings Day Award Winners

*National Savings Day award winners. (Source: Financial Services Commission)

Samsung Lions left-hander, Jang Won-sam (장원삼), was among one of them selected to receive the Chairman’s Honor this year.  Jang is known to have a simple lifestyle (to this day he does NOT own a car), while making donations to his alma mater, and community centers and schools around his hometown.

Jang Won-sam, Financial Service Commission

*Chairman Shin Je-yoon delivers the honor to Jang Won-sam. (Source: Financial Services Commission)

Notable winners included actress Kim Hee-ae (김희애), supermodel Pyeon Jung-su (변정수), media personalities Kim Heung-kook (김흥국) and Seo Kyeong-seok (서경석).



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