Stupidities in International Play

I really hope the authorities does a better job educating their players before they send them to compete in international play.  Players, please be aware that the cameras are all over you.  Every single one of YOU represent the Republic of Korea.  People will judge the country on YOUR behaviors.


South Korea against Chinese Taipei during the 2012 18U World Cup at home soil.  What the f*ck was this?  I really have no explanation for this.


South Korea loses 10-0 to Japan in the 2013 18U World Cup at Taiwan.   Not only are the players reluctantly high-fiving their opponents after the game, one player at the end of the line just thinks he is “bad-ass” and refuses to do anything with the Japanese players.  Losing is not fun, and taking in a 10-0 loss is not easy.  However, it takes way more courage and “bad-ass-ness” to accept a loss and move on.  Do not be bad losers.


South Korea against Japan during the 2014 21U World Cup at Taiwan.  I am not sure if this player actually flipped the bird towards the Japanese National Team or if he just did this towards the camera.  But, one thing is for sure: pure stupidity.


What's your opinion?

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