Daily Updates – February 18, 2016

Baseball in North Korea?

Curtis Melvin, a researcher at the US-Korea Institute at Johns Hopkins University, shared some interesting evidence in an interview with Radio Free Asia that baseball is being played in North Korea.  Some of the materials he shared were video footage and satellite images of baseball and softball fields as well as actual tournaments going on.


Former Korean Series MVP’s Tries Again for Office

1982 KBO Korean Series MVP, Kim Yu-dong (김유동), will run for office under the Saenuri Party (conservative) in the upcoming legislative elections.  This will be his sixth attempt overall, and fourth to represent Incheon’s Gyeyang District (gap).

Kim Yu-dong attempts to represent Incheon’s Gyeyang District. (Source: Yonhap Times)


KBO Donates Baseball Books

The Korea Baseball Organization (KBO) donated nearly 600 baseball related books to the Book-sharing Movement of Love and Woori Library Foundation.  The former redistributes books to military camps and latter operates a mobile library to underprivileged areas throughout the country.


Batting Simulators for Bars

With the support of the National IT Industry Promotion Agency‘s “K-Global” project, FuseTech, Inc., a Korean manufactuer of digital sports machines, has come up with a batting arcade machine.  Named “Batting Champ”, the machine takes up about 6.6㎡ of space and its maintenance is lower than the recently popularized batting simulators.  Sensors will monitor your bat speed along with the location and time of impact.  It should not take long to see one of these in your local bar.

You will be able to see them in a bar near you. (Source: Money Today)


Court Finds Father of Major Leaguer Guilty of Fraud

Father of Texas Rangers outfielder, Choo Shin-soo (추신수), was found guilty of fraud in his first trial and sentenced to three years in prison, suspended on five years, along with 240 hours of community service.  His partner, a legislator of Sacheon, Gyeongsangnam-do, was sentenced to four years in prison.  Choo’s father was accused of fraud last month by prosecutors after failing to pay back 500 million KRW which later was found out to be used in smuggling diamond from China.


KIA Tigers Hashtag Event

Upload a photo which includes the Korean word, “동행”, which means “going together” or “companionship”, on Instagram or Twitter along with a hashtag: “#동행”.  The promotion ends on February 29.  Win a prize by uploading something creative.


Nexen Heroes’ Baseball Program for Housewives

The Seoul Nexen Heroes are looking for 30 housewives who ages 30 to 50 and reside in either Guro or Yangcheon District.  Included in the program are classes educating about baseball and invitations to regular season games.  Those selected will also be involved in random marketing projects.  Deadline is March 1.  For more information, click the link below.  You will need a Korean friend to help out with your application.


Baseball Jackets Are Considered Trendy in Korean College Campuses

One of the fashion trends in college campuses in recent years is the so-called “baseball jacket” or “baseball jumper”.  A few fashion articles explained color coordinating baseball gear.

Baseball gear makes you look trendy in South Korea. (Source: Wow Hankyung TV)


Hanwha Eagles Limited Edition Gear

Fans can purchase limited edition Hanwha Eagles Spring Training caps and commemorative baseballs through the ballclub’s online shopping page.


Amateur Player Caught Selling Stolen Goods

An amateur baseball player residing in Gwangju was caught selling a stolen bicycle online.  Turns out he was on the wanted list for eight similar cases.  The offender played varsity baseball until college and was scheduled to participate in a tryout for an independent baseball club.  He claimed he needed money for transportation.


The War for Talent

Recently the Korea Baseball Organization (KBO) posted a recruitment ad for three entry positions and it turns out they received 430 applicants by the deadline.  151 (35.1%) were female, and they received applicants who held degrees from well-known prestigious schools outside of Korea.


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