Daily Updates – February 19, 2016

Lee Byung-kyu in Adidas Korea’s New Commercial

In this latest commercial by Adidas Korea, LG Twins outfielder/designated hitter, Lee Byung-kyu (이병규), hits fungos to… none other than Vissel Kobe’s goalkeeper Kim Seung-gyu (김승규).  Kim is also playing in the South Korean National Team for the 2018 FIFA World Cup Qualifiers.


Celebrity All-Stars vs. Samsung Lions Greats

As mentioned before, the new Daegu Samsung Lions Park will open on March 19 with an exhibition game between a celebrity all-star team and former Samsung Lions players.  It may be a bit odd, but in South Korea, current professional players rarely get to be the first ones to take the field of a new stadium.  You will even see, as in this case, celebrities or average Joes on the field of a fresh ballpark.  Some of the stars you will see in this game are:

Celebrity All-Star: Hong Kyung-min (홍경민), Im Chang-jung (임창정), Im Ho (임호), Jeong Jun-ha (정준하), Kim Hak-do (김학도), Lee Byeong-jin (이병진), Lee Hwi-jae (이휘재), Park Chul-min (박철민), Park Jae-jung (박재정), Park Zi-a (박지아), etc.

Samsung Lions Greats: Choi Ik-seong (최익성), Heo Gyu-ok (허규옥), Jin Kap-yong (진갑용), Kang Gi-woong (강기웅), Kim Si-jin (김시진), Lee Man-soo (이만수), Oh Dae-seok (오대석), Park Chung-sik (박충식), Seong Jun (성준), Yang Jun-hyuk (양준혁), etc.


Yeoncheon Miracle Holds Open Tryouts

South Korea’s lone independent professional ballclub, the Yeoncheon Miracle, held open tryouts at Dasan Baseball Field in Namyangju, Gyeonggi-do.  Around 70 participants showed up for the event.  Unlike the Goyang Wonders, players must pay 700,000 KRW (570 USD) each month to keep the team going.


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