Can you play as a catcher in MLB The Show 22?

Can You Play As A Catcher In MLB The Show 22?

MLB The Show 22 is the latest installment in the popular Major League Baseball video game series. It’s an incredibly deep and immersive experience that allows players to create their own custom teams and leagues and compete against other players online. But one of the most popular aspects of the game is its realistic simulation of the sport. Players get to control their own players and make decisions on how they want to play the game.

The question many die-hard baseball fans have is, can you play as a catcher in MLB The Show 22? The answer is yes, you can.

What Is a Catcher?

Before we dive into the details of playing as a catcher, let’s discuss what a catcher is in the context of baseball. A catcher is a position player who wears specialized protective gear and stands behind home plate. The catcher is responsible for receiving pitches from the pitcher, and for signaling to the umpire the type of pitch thrown. The catcher also has the responsibility of making sure baserunners do not advance too far on a play.

How To Play As A Catcher In MLB The Show 22

Playing as a catcher in MLB The Show 22 is a great way to experience the game in a more immersive and realistic way. To play as a catcher, you first must select a team in Franchise Mode. Then, you must create a custom player and assign him the position of catcher. Once you’ve done this, you’ll be able to control your catcher during games.

Catcher Controls

The controls for playing as a catcher in MLB The Show 22 are fairly simple. You can move your catcher around the backstop using the left analog stick. You can also use the right analog stick to control the catcher’s throwing arm. When a pitch is thrown, you can use the X button to throw the ball back to the pitcher and the R2 button to throw it to a base. You can also use the L2 button to block balls in the dirt.

Strategy And Tactics

Playing as a catcher in MLB The Show 22 requires a different set of strategies and tactics than other positions. As a catcher, you must be aware of the baserunners and their tendencies, and you must be able to make quick decisions on how to throw the ball back to the pitcher. You must also be aware of the pitcher’s pitch selection and how each pitch affects the batter.

Catcher Challenges

In addition to the regular gameplay, MLB The Show 22 also offers a series of Catcher Challenges. These challenges are designed to test your skills as a catcher, and can range from throwing out baserunners to blocking wild pitches. Completing these challenges will earn you rewards and help you develop your catcher abilities.

Advanced Strategies

Once you’ve mastered the basics of playing as a catcher, you can start to incorporate more advanced strategies. For example, you can learn how to set up a pitchout and how to call for a pick-off move. You can also learn how to control the running game by positioning yourself correctly and by throwing to different bases.

Playing As A Catcher In Online Modes

In addition to playing as a catcher in Franchise Mode, you can also play as a catcher in online modes like Diamond Dynasty and Battle Royale. In online modes, you’ll have the opportunity to play against other players from around the world. You’ll need to develop your catcher skills in order to be successful and win games.


Playing as a catcher in MLB The Show 22 can be a fun and rewarding experience. You’ll get to learn the basics of the position, develop advanced strategies, and test your skills against other players online. So if you’re looking for a way to become more immersed in the game, playing as a catcher is a great option.