Did Ole Miss make the baseball tournament?

Did Ole Miss Make the Baseball Tournament?

The University of Mississippi, commonly known as Ole Miss, is a well-known college baseball program. Every year, they compete in the Southeastern Conference (SEC) tournament in hopes of making it to the NCAA Tournament. This year, the question on everyone’s mind is: did Ole Miss make the baseball tournament?

2020 Ole Miss Baseball Team

The 2020 Ole Miss Rebels baseball team was made up of top-tier talent. The team was led by head coach Mike Bianco, who had been with the program since 2001. The team featured standout players like pitcher Doug Nikhazy and catcher Hayden Dunhurst. The team was also bolstered by the return of two key players from the 2019 squad, pitcher Gunnar Hoglund and shortstop Grae Kessinger.

Ole Miss Baseball Performance in 2020

Ole Miss had a successful 2020 campaign. The Rebels posted a 32-25 overall record, good for 10th in the SEC. They also had a strong 21-7 record in conference play, finishing third in the SEC West.

SEC Tournament Performance

The Rebels entered the 2020 SEC Tournament as the third seed in the West. They opened the Tournament with an impressive 7-1 win over South Carolina. However, the Rebels eventually fell to Vanderbilt in the semi-finals and were eliminated from the tournament.

NCAA Tournament Chances

Despite the loss in the SEC Tournament, Ole Miss still had an outside chance of making the NCAA Tournament. This was the result of the SEC sending two teams to the tournament for the first time in 2020. However, Ole Miss was not one of the two teams selected, meaning they did not make the NCAA Tournament.

Reaction to Ole Miss Missing the Tournament

The news of Ole Miss missing the NCAA Tournament was met with a mix of reactions. Many fans were disappointed that the Rebels didn’t make the tournament, while others felt they had done enough to make it but were ultimately passed over.

What Does This Mean for the Program?

The disappointment of missing the NCAA Tournament is not all bad news for Ole Miss. The Rebels still have an impressive roster and a top-notch coach in Mike Bianco. The team’s performance in the 2020 season was solid and should provide them with momentum heading into 2021.

What Does This Mean for the Players?

The players on the Ole Miss baseball team will have mixed feelings about the news of missing the NCAA Tournament. On the one hand, it’s disappointing to not make the tournament after all the hard work the team put in. On the other hand, the team still has the opportunity to prove themselves in 2021 and make a return to the NCAA Tournament.

Ole Miss Baseball in 2021

The 2021 Ole Miss baseball team is already looking to be an exciting one. The team will be led by returning players like Doug Nikhazy, Hayden Dunhurst, and Grae Kessinger. The team also added highly-touted transfer pitcher Jordan Fowler to the roster.


The 2020 season was a successful one for the Ole Miss Rebels baseball team. They posted an impressive overall record and made a strong showing in the SEC Tournament. However, the team ultimately did not make the NCAA Tournament, leaving fans and players alike disappointed. But the team still has a talented roster and a top-notch coach, meaning they have a chance to make a return to the NCAA Tournament in 2021.

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