Do baseball players drink during games?

Baseball has been a part of American culture for centuries and has generated a variety of traditions, superstitions and debates. One of the most common debates is whether players should be allowed to drink alcohol during games.

History of Drinking in Baseball

Alcohol consumption has a long history in baseball. Throughout the 19th century, players and fans alike drank beer and whiskey in the stands and on the field. This tradition began to decline in the early 20th century as teams began to put more emphasis on health and safety, and alcohol consumption in the stands was eventually banned.

Pros of Drinking During Games

There are some arguments in favor of allowing players to drink during games.


Some players argue that drinking can help them relax and stay focused during the game. This is especially true for pitchers, who often suffer from nerves before taking the mound.


Drinking during games can also be seen as a way for players to socialize and bond with their teammates. This can be beneficial for team morale, which is important for success on the field.

Cons of Drinking During Games

However, there are several arguments against allowing players to drink during games.

Health Concerns

Alcohol consumption can have serious health effects, such as increased risk of addiction, liver damage, and other serious medical conditions. For this reason, many teams do not allow players to drink during games.

Performance Issues

In addition, drinking during games can negatively impact a player’s performance. Alcohol can impair a player’s judgment, reflexes, and coordination, which can be detrimental to the team’s chances of winning.

MLB Policy on Drinking During Games

The Major League Baseball (MLB) has a strict policy on drinking during games.

No Drinking in the Dugout

MLB rules state that no alcohol is allowed in the dugout or any other areas of the stadium where players are actively participating in the game. This includes the bullpen, the field, and the locker room.

No Drinking During Games

Players are also prohibited from drinking alcohol during games. This includes before, during, and after the game.

No Alcohol in the Clubhouse

In addition, alcohol is strictly prohibited in the clubhouse. Players are allowed to drink in the clubhouse, but only after the game has ended.

Impact of the Policy on Players

The MLB’s policy on drinking during games has had a significant impact on players and teams.

Better Performance

The policy has helped improve player performance on the field. With fewer distractions and improved focus, teams have been able to perform better and win more games.

Healthier Lifestyles

The policy has also encouraged players to lead healthier lifestyles. By limiting alcohol consumption during games, players have been able to focus on eating healthy and getting enough rest.


Overall, the MLB’s policy on drinking during games has had a positive impact on players and teams. By limiting alcohol consumption during games, players have been able to focus more on their performance and lead healthier lifestyles. While some argue that drinking can help players relax, the potential negative effects outweigh the benefits.