Does Indiana have a state baseball team?

Baseball is the most popular American pastime and an integral part of American culture. It’s no surprise that almost every state has a professional baseball team, either Major League or Minor League. But does Indiana have a state baseball team? That’s what this article will answer.

History of Indiana Baseball

Baseball has been a part of Indiana’s history for over a century. The first organized baseball game in Indiana was played in 1867, and by 1871, the first professional team, the Indianapolis Blues, was formed. The team played in the National Association of Professional Base Ball Players, which is the precursor to the modern Major League Baseball.

The Indiana State League was founded in 1913 and the first season began in 1914. It was a minor league, but it was still a professional league and teams from various cities in Indiana were part of it. The league operated until 1917, when it disbanded due to World War I.

Indianapolis Indians

In 1902, the Indianapolis Indians were founded as a minor league team. They became affiliated with the Pittsburgh Pirates in 1952 and from that point on, they were known as the Pittsburgh Pirates Indianapolis Indians. The team has been affiliated with the Pirates ever since, and in 2014, the team changed its name to the Indianapolis Indians.

The Indianapolis Indians play in the International League, which is a Triple-A minor league. They are currently the top affiliate for the Pittsburgh Pirates, and they have been since 1952. The team has won three International League championships and one Triple-A National Championship.

Minor League Teams

In addition to the Indianapolis Indians, there are three other minor league teams in Indiana. The Fort Wayne TinCaps are part of the Midwest League, the South Bend Cubs are part of the Midwest League, and the Gary Southshore RailCats are part of the American Association.

The Fort Wayne TinCaps are the top affiliate of the San Diego Padres, and they have been since 2009. The South Bend Cubs are the top affiliate of the Chicago Cubs, and they have been since 2015. The Gary Southshore RailCats are an independent team and are not affiliated with any major league team.

Major League Teams

Currently, Indiana does not have any professional teams in the major leagues. However, there have been some major league teams in the past from the state. The Indianapolis Hoosiers were a National League team from 1887 to 1889. The Indianapolis Blues were a Major League team from 1878 to 1884.

College Baseball

College baseball is also a big part of Indiana’s baseball scene. The Indiana Hoosiers are the state’s most successful college baseball team, having won four Big Ten championships and eight NCAA Tournament appearances. The Hoosiers play their home games at Bart Kaufman Field.

Other notable college teams in the state include the Indiana State Sycamores, Purdue Boilermakers, Ball State Cardinals, and Notre Dame Fighting Irish.

High School Baseball

High school baseball is also popular in Indiana, with over 500 teams playing in the state. The Indiana High School Athletic Association (IHSAA) is the governing body of high school baseball in the state. The IHSAA organizes the state tournament and crowns a state champion each year. The state champion is determined by a double elimination tournament.

Baseball Leagues

There are also numerous amateur baseball leagues in Indiana for players of all ages. The most popular of these is the Indiana Amateur Baseball League, which is the oldest and largest amateur baseball league in the state. The league is divided into six divisions, and each division has multiple teams.

There are also other amateur leagues in the state, such as the Indiana Senior Baseball League, Central Indiana Baseball League, and the Indiana State Baseball League.


To answer the question, yes, Indiana does have a state baseball team. The Indianapolis Indians are the state’s only professional team, and they are affiliated with the Pittsburgh Pirates. There are also numerous minor league teams in the state, as well as college teams and amateur leagues. So, if you’re looking for a baseball team to root for, Indiana has plenty to choose from.