Does Sacramento have a MLB team?

Is it possible for Sacramento to have a Major League Baseball (MLB) team? The answer is yes. Sacramento is a great city with a passionate fan base that is ready to support a professional baseball team. There have been numerous attempts to bring a MLB team to the city, but they have all failed. This article will examine the reasons why Sacramento has not been able to secure a MLB team, despite having all the necessary ingredients for success.

Sacramento’s Baseball History

Sacramento has a long and storied history in the world of baseball. The city is home to the Sacramento River Cats, a minor league baseball team that has been in existence since 2000. Additionally, Sacramento has played host to several professional baseball teams throughout its history. The Sacramento Solons, who played from 1903 to 1960, were the first professional team to call the city home. The Sacramento Capitals were the last professional team to represent the city, playing from 1970 to 1975.

The Challenges of Bringing a MLB Team to Sacramento

There have been numerous attempts to bring a MLB team to Sacramento, but they have all failed. The primary obstacle to a successful relocation is the lack of a suitable stadium. In order to host a MLB team, Sacramento would need to construct a new stadium that meets the league’s strict requirements. Building a new stadium is an expensive and time-consuming endeavor, and the city of Sacramento does not have the resources or the political will to invest in such a project.

The Economics of a MLB Team in Sacramento

In addition to the challenges of constructing a new stadium, bringing a MLB team to Sacramento also presents economic challenges. MLB teams are expensive to operate, and it is unclear whether the city would be able to generate enough revenue to make the team profitable. Additionally, the city would need to invest in marketing and promotion in order to attract fans to the games.

The Impact of the Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a significant impact on the economics of baseball, making it even more difficult to bring a MLB team to Sacramento. Stadiums are operating at reduced capacity, meaning that ticket sales will be lower than usual. Additionally, teams are losing out on revenue from merchandise, concessions, and parking.

The Impact of Geography

The geography of Sacramento can also be a challenge for a MLB team. The city is located in the Northern California region, making it a long drive from other MLB cities such as San Francisco and Oakland. This could make it difficult for fans to make the trip, resulting in lower attendance and revenue for the team.

The Benefits of a MLB Team in Sacramento

Despite the numerous challenges, there are also many benefits to having a MLB team in Sacramento. A professional baseball team would boost the city’s economy, as it would attract new visitors and business to the area. Additionally, having a MLB team in the city would provide an additional source of entertainment for local residents.

The Possibility of Relocation

Despite the challenges, a MLB team in Sacramento is not completely out of the question. The Oakland Athletics are currently looking for a new stadium, and there has been speculation that they may relocate to Sacramento. However, the team’s ownership has denied these rumors, so it is unclear whether a relocation is a real possibility.

The Future of Baseball in Sacramento

It is unclear what the future holds for baseball in Sacramento. Despite the challenges, the city does have the potential to be a great home for a MLB team. The city has a passionate fan base and the infrastructure to support a professional team. However, until the city can find the resources to build a stadium and the political will to invest in a team, a MLB team in Sacramento may remain just a dream.


Sacramento is a great city that is ready and willing to embrace a MLB team. Unfortunately, the challenges of constructing a stadium, the economic uncertainty of operating a team, and the impact of the pandemic have all made it difficult to bring a MLB team to the city. Despite these challenges, a relocation is not completely out of the question, and the city is still hopeful that one day a MLB team will call Sacramento home.

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