How can I watch major league baseball in the UK?

Major League Baseball (MLB) is the highest level of professional baseball in the United States and Canada. It is one of the world’s most popular sports, with millions of fans around the world. But for many fans in the UK and Europe, watching MLB games can be a challenge. Fortunately, there are several ways to watch Major League Baseball in the UK.

Watch MLB Live Online

One of the easiest and most convenient ways to watch MLB in the UK is to stream the games live online. The best way to do this is through MLB.TV, which is MLB’s official streaming service. MLB.TV offers access to every out-of-market regular season game, as well as a variety of other features.

The service is available on a range of devices, including PC, Mac, iOS, and Android, and can be accessed from anywhere in the world. MLB.TV also offers a range of packages, including a single team package, which allows you to follow your favorite team all season long.

Watch MLB on TV

Another option for watching Major League Baseball in the UK is to watch the games on TV. While MLB games are not broadcast in the UK, there are a few options for watching them on TV.

The most popular option is to subscribe to a US sports package, such as MLB Extra Innings, which is available through satellite and cable providers in the UK. This package offers access to all out-of-market regular season games, as well as a range of other features.

Watch MLB at a Pub

For those who want to watch Major League Baseball in the UK but don’t have access to a US sports package, there is still an option. Many pubs and bars in the UK show MLB games, making it possible to watch the games in a social setting.

To find a pub or bar that shows MLB games, the best thing to do is to search online. There are a number of websites and forums that list bars and pubs that show MLB games.

Listen to MLB Games on Radio

Another option for following MLB in the UK is to listen to the games on the radio. While not as immersive as watching the games, listening to MLB games on the radio is still a great way to stay up to date with all the action.

The best way to listen to MLB games in the UK is through a digital radio station. ESPN Radio is the official radio network of MLB, and broadcasts a range of games throughout the season.

Follow MLB on Social Media

Social media is a great way to stay up to date with what’s happening in MLB. MLB has a number of official social media accounts, including Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. These accounts are regularly updated with news, scores, and highlights from around the league.

In addition to MLB’s official accounts, there are also a number of other accounts devoted to MLB news and analysis. Following these accounts is a great way to stay up to date with all the latest news and developments in the league.

Purchase MLB Merchandise

For those who want to show their support for their favorite team in a more tangible way, there is always the option of purchasing MLB merchandise. MLB has a wide range of official merchandise available, including jerseys, hats, and other apparel.

Many online retailers also offer MLB merchandise, making it easy to find the perfect item to show your support for your favorite team.

Attend a MLB Game

For the ultimate MLB experience, there is nothing quite like attending a game in person. While it may be difficult to travel to the US to attend a game, there are a few options for attending MLB games in the UK.

The MLB London Series is a regular event that takes place in London each year. The series features two MLB teams playing a two-game series in London. This is a great opportunity for UK fans to experience Major League Baseball in person.

Watch MLB Highlights

If you don’t have time to watch a full game, you can still keep up with the action by watching highlights. MLB produces a range of highlight videos that are available for free on its official website.

These highlight videos offer a great way to get caught up with the latest news and developments in MLB, without having to watch an entire game.


There are a number of ways to watch Major League Baseball in the UK. Whether you choose to stream games online, watch them on TV, listen to them on the radio, or attend a game in person, there are plenty of options for UK fans to follow their favorite teams and players.