How long should my kids t ball bat be?

Getting the Right Length for the Right Age

It is important to get the right length of t ball bat for your children. The right length will depend on their age, height, and strength. The wrong size can have a negative impact on their performance and possibly hurt them.

How to Measure the Right Length

When measuring the length of the t ball bat, you should measure from the knob of the bat to the end of the barrel. Make sure to measure in inches and not feet.

General Rules of Thumb

For general rules of thumb, it is recommended to get a bat that is two inches longer than their height. For example, if your child is three feet tall, the bat should be about 25 inches long.

Bat Sizes by Age Group

  • Ages 5-7: 24-26 inches
  • Ages 8-10: 27-29 inches
  • Ages 11-13: 30-32 inches

Weight of the Bat

When it comes to the weight of the bat, it is important to find a bat that is not too heavy for your child. A bat that is too heavy can affect their swing, and cause them to be unable to make good contact with the ball.

Try Before You Buy

It is important to try the bat before you buy it. Have your child swing the bat a few times to see if they can handle the weight and length. If they can’t, it is best to find a lighter or shorter bat.

Getting the Right Grip

It is also important to get the right grip for the bat. If your child is having trouble swinging the bat, it could be because of the grip. Make sure the grip is comfortable for them and that they can hold the bat properly.

Types of Bats

  • Wood bats
  • Aluminum bats
  • Composite bats

When it comes to the type of bat, it is important to find the right type for your child. Wood bats are the traditional type and are typically heavier than aluminum and composite bats. Aluminum bats are lightweight and more durable, while composite bats offer better performance.

Safety Considerations

In addition to getting the right size and weight, it is important to make sure the bat is a safe option. Look for bats that are certified by the USSA, which means they have passed safety standards.


Getting the right size t ball bat for your child is essential for their performance and safety. Make sure to measure the bat from the knob to the end of the barrel and use general rules of thumb or the age group guidelines to find the right size. It is also important to look for a bat that is not too heavy and has a comfortable grip. Finally, make sure to look for a bat that is certified by the USSA for safety.