How many innings are in the Australian baseball league?

Introduction to the Australian Baseball League

The Australian Baseball League (ABL) is the highest level of professional baseball in Australia. It is a winter-season league that began in 2010 and currently consists of six teams: the Adelaide Giants, Brisbane Bandits, Canberra Cavalry, Melbourne Aces, Perth Heat, and Sydney Blue Sox. The teams play a 54-game regular season schedule, and the top four teams advance to the playoffs. The winner of the playoffs is declared the ABL Champion.

How the ABL is Structured

The ABL is divided into two divisions: the South Division and the North Division. Each division features three teams. During the regular season, each team plays six 3-game series against teams within their division, as well as three 3-game series against teams from the other division. At the end of the regular season, the top four teams advance to the playoffs.

How Many Innings in an ABL Game?

Each game in the ABL is nine innings long. All games start with the home team batting in the top of the first inning, and the visiting team batting in the bottom of the first inning. After nine innings, the team with the most runs wins the game. If the score is tied after nine innings, the game goes into extra innings.

What Happens in Extra Innings?

In the ABL, extra innings are played using the international tiebreaker rule. In this rule, each team starts the inning with a runner on second base. The runner is the player who made the last out in the previous inning. Each team continues batting until one of them scores a run.

What is a Mercy Rule?

The ABL also has a mercy rule, which is designed to ensure that no game goes too long. Under the mercy rule, if one team is leading by ten or more runs after seven innings, the game ends. This rule is designed to prevent the team that is far behind from having to play an entire nine-inning game.

What is the Time Limit in ABL Games?

There is no time limit for ABL games, but each half-inning must be completed within one hour. If the inning is not completed within the time limit, the game is called and the team that is ahead is declared the winner.

What is the Pitching Limit in ABL Games?

In the ABL, pitchers are limited to a maximum of nine innings per game. If a pitcher throws more than nine innings in a game, he must be replaced by another pitcher. This rule is designed to ensure that pitchers are not overworked.

What is the Pitch Count Limit?

In addition to the nine-inning limit, there is also a pitch count limit. Pitchers are limited to 120 pitches per game. If a pitcher reaches the pitch count limit, he must be removed from the game and replaced by another pitcher.

What is the Minimum Number of Innings a Pitcher Must Pitch?

In the ABL, pitchers must pitch at least two innings in order to be eligible for the win. If a pitcher throws fewer than two innings, he is not eligible for the win.


The Australian Baseball League features nine-inning games with no time limit and pitch count limits. There is also a mercy rule that ends the game if one team is leading by ten or more runs after seven innings. Pitchers are limited to nine innings per game and 120 pitches per game, and must pitch at least two innings in order to be eligible for the win.

Overall, the ABL is a great way to watch some exciting professional baseball. With nine-inning games and plenty of rules to keep the game moving, it’s a great way to enjoy the sport of baseball.