Is baseball in Japan?

Introduction to Baseball in Japan

Baseball has been an integral part of Japanese culture for over a century. It has been an important part of the country’s national identity and is a source of immense national pride. With its large fan base, professional teams, and regular tournaments, baseball in Japan is a major sport.

History of Baseball in Japan

Baseball was introduced to Japan from the United States in the late 19th century. The first Japanese team was founded in 1878, and the sport quickly gained popularity. The first professional baseball league was established in 1920, and the Japan Professional Baseball (NPB) was founded in 1936.

Professional Baseball in Japan

The NPB is the highest level of professional baseball in Japan. It is made up of two six-team leagues, the Central League and the Pacific League. The season runs from April to October, with regular-season games and playoffs. The NPB also organizes tournaments and events, such as the Japan Series, the All-Star Series, and the Interleague Championship.

The Popularity of Baseball in Japan

Baseball is one of the most popular sports in Japan. Every year, tens of millions of fans attend professional games, and many more watch the games on TV. Baseball is also a major source of entertainment and merchandise, with teams selling their own merchandise and fans buying tickets, jerseys, and other memorabilia.

The Professional Teams in Japan

The NPB is made up of twelve professional teams, divided into two six-team leagues. The Central League teams are the Hiroshima Toyo Carp, the Yokohama BayStars, the Chunichi Dragons, the Yomiuri Giants, the Yakult Swallows, and the Hanshin Tigers. The Pacific League teams are the Nippon Ham Fighters, the Rakuten Eagles, the Seibu Lions, the Chiba Lotte Marines, the Orix Buffaloes, and the Fukuoka SoftBank Hawks.

The Japan Series

The Japan Series is the championship series of the NPB. It is held annually in late October or early November and is a best-of-seven series between the two league champions. The winning team is awarded the Japan Series Champion’s Flag, which is presented at a ceremony after the final game.

High School Baseball in Japan

High school baseball is a major part of the sport in Japan. It is highly competitive, with teams from all over the country competing in regional and national tournaments. The annual National High School Baseball Championship is the most prestigious tournament in Japan and is broadcast on national television.

Women’s Baseball in Japan

Women’s baseball has been growing in popularity in Japan. The Japan Women’s Baseball League was founded in 2009 and is made up of four teams. The league has grown in popularity, and in 2018 had over 500,000 fans in attendance at games.

Baseball in the Olympics

Baseball has been an Olympic sport since 1992. Japan has been one of the most successful teams in the Olympics, winning gold medals in 1996 and 2008. Japan has also won the World Baseball Classic three times, in 2006, 2009, and 2013.


Baseball is an important part of Japanese culture and is deeply embedded in the national identity. With its large fan base, professional teams, and regular tournaments, baseball in Japan is a major sport. From high school to the Olympics, baseball continues to be a popular sport in Japan.

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