What baseball player was known as the Spaceman?

What Baseball Player Was Known as the Spaceman?

Bill Lee, an American left-handed pitcher, was given the nickname “Spaceman” due to his unique approach to the game and off-the-wall antics. In a career that spanned 14 seasons, Lee compiled a 119-90 record and earned a reputation for being one of the most eccentric players in baseball history.

Early Years

Lee was born in Burbank, California in 1946 and grew up in Southern California. His father, Clarence, was an accountant, and his mother, Frances, was a homemaker. Lee developed an early passion for baseball, and in 1965 he was drafted in the fourth round of the MLB draft by the Washington Senators. He decided to attend the University of Southern California instead, and in 1967 he was selected again in the seventh round by the Boston Red Sox.

Rise to Fame

Lee made his major league debut in 1969, and quickly became a fan favorite in Boston due to his quirky personality and eccentric behavior. He was known for wearing colorful clothing on the field, and for his unorthodox approach to pitching. He was also an avid believer in the power of yoga and meditation, and often talked about the benefits of these practices.

Unique Pitching Style

Lee was known for his unique pitching style, which he referred to as the “Leephus pitch.” This pitch involved Lee throwing the ball with an exaggerated sidearm motion, resulting in a slow, looping curveball. He also developed a split-fingered fastball, which he utilized to great success during his career.

Notable Achievements

Lee had a successful major league career, compiling 119 wins and 90 losses over 14 seasons. He was selected to the All-Star game in 1975 and 1978, and was a part of the Red Sox’s 1975 World Series team. He also set the record for most consecutive starts without a loss, winning 13 straight starts in 1978.


Lee was known for being outspoken and often found himself in the middle of controversies. In 1979, he was suspended for 10 days for making disparaging comments about Red Sox management. He was also suspended for 15 days in 1982 for throwing the ball at an umpire.

Post-Baseball Career

After his retirement from baseball in 1982, Lee pursued a career as a professional golfer. He also wrote two books, The Wrong Stuff and Have Glove, Will Travel, which chronicle his baseball career and his life after baseball.

Political Activism

Lee has been an outspoken political activist since his retirement from baseball. He is a strong advocate for marijuana legalization and has spoken out against racism and police brutality. He is also a vocal supporter of Bernie Sanders and was an active participant in Sanders’s 2020 presidential campaign.

Later Years and Legacy

In his later years, Lee has become a cult hero in the world of baseball. He has made numerous appearances at Red Sox games, and his jersey number (36) has been retired by the team. He was inducted into the Red Sox Hall of Fame in 2008, and his legacy as one of the most eccentric and unique players in baseball history lives on.

Interesting Facts about Bill Lee

  • Lee had a pet boa constrictor that he kept in the Red Sox dugout.
  • He was a vegetarian for most of his life, and was an advocate for animal rights.
  • He wrote a song called “Spaceman” in 1975, which became a cult hit in the Boston area.
  • He attempted to run for Governor of Vermont in 1988, but was unsuccessful.
  • He wrote and published a cookbook called The Baseball Nut Cookbook in 2007.
  • He was inducted into the Canadian Baseball Hall of Fame in 2009.
  • In 2011, he was named one of the “100 Greatest Red Sox.”
  • Lee was featured in the documentary film Spaceman in 2016.


Bill Lee was one of the most eccentric and unique players in the history of baseball. His unorthodox pitching style and off-the-wall antics earned him the nickname “Spaceman,” and he remains an icon in the world of baseball. His legacy lives on through his numerous achievements and his activism for social justice.