What is baseball called in Korea?

What is Baseball Called in Korea?

Baseball, a sport that originated in the United States, is a popular sport in Korea. Baseball is known as “yagu” in Korea and is often referred to as the “National Sport” of the country. The Korean Baseball Organization (KBO) is the governing body that governs the professional baseball leagues. It is a popular sport in Korea and is played throughout the country, from the street corners to the professional stadiums.

History of Baseball in Korea

Baseball was first introduced to Korea in 1905 by American missionaries who lived in the country. Since then, the popularity of the sport has grown tremendously, with the KBO being formed in 1982. Baseball has become a major part of Korean culture and is now the most popular sport in the country.

KBO League Structure

The KBO is divided into two leagues, the Korean Professional Baseball League (KPBL) and the Korean National Baseball League (KNBL). The KPBL is the top tier of Korean baseball and consists of 10 teams. The KNBL is the lower tier and is divided into two divisions, the East and West. Each division consists of five teams and the top two teams from each division will compete in the playoffs.


The 10 teams in the KPBL are as follows:

  • Doosan Bears
  • KIA Tigers
  • LG Twins
  • Lotte Giants
  • NC Dinos
  • Samsung Lions
  • SK Wyverns
  • Hanwha Eagles
  • KT Wiz
  • Kiwoom Heroes

The 10 teams in the KNBL are as follows:

  • Daejeon Blue Cats
  • Goyang Wonders
  • Gyeongju Heroes
  • Jeju Island Wild Cats
  • Jeonju Eagles
  • Seoul Heroes
  • Ulsan Whales
  • Yongin Miracle
  • Changwon City Stars
  • Incheon City Eagles

Rules and Regulations

The rules and regulations of the KBO are similar to those of the Major League Baseball in the United States. Games are nine innings long and the umpires call the game based on the official KBO rulebook. The official KBO ball is white with red stitching, and the official KBO bat is made of maple.

Popularity of Baseball in Korea

Baseball is extremely popular in Korea and the stadiums are often filled to capacity. The KBO is one of the most watched sports leagues in the country, with an average attendance of over five million per season. Fans of the sport in Korea are loyal and passionate, often cheering and chanting throughout the game.

Achievements of Korean Teams

Korean teams have had great success in international competitions. The Korean national team won the gold medal at the 2008 Beijing Olympics and has made it to the semi-finals of the World Baseball Classic three times. The KBO teams have also won multiple championships at the Asia Series, a tournament between the champions of professional baseball leagues in Asia.

KBO All-Stars

Every year, the KBO holds an All-Star game, where the best players from each team are selected to compete. The All-Star game is highly anticipated and is one of the most watched events in the country. The All-Star Game is also a great opportunity for the best players in the league to showcase their skills and gain recognition.


Baseball is an integral part of Korean culture and is known by the name “yagu”. The KBO is the governing body of professional baseball in the country and is highly popular. The teams in the KBO are successful in international competitions and the All-Star game is one of the most anticipated events of the year. Baseball in Korea is a popular and beloved sport.