What is changing about MLB?

Introduction to MLB

Major League Baseball (MLB) is a professional sports organization in the United States and Canada. It is the oldest of the professional sports leagues in North America and is composed of 30 teams, divided equally into the American League and the National League. Each team plays 162 games over the course of a season, which runs from April to October. The World Series champion is determined by a best-of-seven playoff between the two league champions.

MLB has been around since 1903 and is one of the most popular sports leagues in the world. Over the years, MLB has gone through several changes and continues to evolve to meet the demands of the modern sports fan. In this article, we will take a look at what is changing about MLB and how these changes are impacting the way the game is played, watched, and enjoyed.

Analytics and Technology

One of the biggest changes in MLB is the use of analytics and technology to better understand the game. Teams now use sophisticated software to analyze data and make decisions about player performance, strategy, and lineup decisions. This data is used to make better decisions on the field and to give teams a competitive edge.

More and more teams are also beginning to use virtual reality (VR) technology to train players and to scout opponents. VR can give teams a better understanding of the game and how to best prepare players for upcoming games. In addition, teams are beginning to use drones to scout opponents and to get an aerial view of the field.

Broadcasting and Media

Another area that is changing in MLB is broadcasting and media. With the rise of streaming services, fans can now watch games from anywhere in the world. Streaming services like MLB.tv allow fans to watch games live or on-demand and follow their favorite teams no matter where they are.

In addition, MLB has made changes to its broadcast coverage to make games more accessible to fans. For example, MLB now offers a “Game of the Week” package which allows fans to watch a single game each week for a discounted rate. The league has also increased its use of social media, creating more opportunities for fans to interact with the league and their favorite teams.

Player Safety

Player safety is a major concern in all sports, and MLB is no exception. The league has taken several steps in recent years to make the game safer for players. For example, MLB has implemented new rules to reduce the risk of head injuries, such as banning collisions at home plate and banning pitchers from throwing at the head of a batter.

The league has also implemented a pitch clock to keep the game moving and reduce the amount of time pitchers take between pitches. In addition, MLB has implemented a pitch count system to limit the number of pitches a pitcher can throw in a game.

New Stadiums

MLB teams are also beginning to build newer and more modern stadiums. These new stadiums often feature more modern amenities and convenience for fans, such as improved concessions, larger concourses, and widened seating areas. In addition, many of these new stadiums feature modern technology, such as large video screens and interactive experiences for fans.

Instant Replay

MLB has also implemented instant replay in recent years. This allows teams to challenge certain plays and have them reviewed, giving them the chance to get a call overturned if they believe the umpire made the wrong call.

Rule Changes

MLB has also made several rule changes in recent years to speed up the game and make it more exciting. The league has implemented a pitch clock to limit the amount of time pitchers take between pitches, and it has also implemented a rule that requires batters to keep one foot in the batter’s box at all times.

Interleague Play

Interleague play is another change that MLB has made in recent years. Interleague games pit teams from the American League and National League against each other, giving fans the chance to see players they normally wouldn’t get to see. Interleague play has become increasingly popular with fans, as it gives them the chance to see the best players in the league take on each other.

International Games

MLB has also started playing games in other countries in recent years. These international games give fans in other countries the chance to see the best players in the league, and they also help to promote the game of baseball worldwide.

The Future of MLB

As MLB continues to change and evolve, the league is looking ahead to the future of the game. New technology and analytics will continue to play a big role in the game, and teams will continue to use them to gain a competitive edge. In addition, more teams are likely to build new stadiums, and international games will continue to become more popular.

Overall, MLB will continue to change and evolve to meet the demands of the modern sports fan. With new technology, analytics, and rule changes, the game will continue to become more exciting and enjoyable for fans around the world.


MLB is constantly evolving and changing to keep up with the demands of the modern sports fan. Analytics and technology are playing a bigger role in the game, broadcasting and media are becoming more accessible, and teams are implementing new rules and features to make the game safer and more enjoyable. With all these changes, MLB is sure to remain one of the most popular sports leagues in the world for years to come.