When was Baseball season supposed to start?

Baseball Season: An Overview

Baseball is a much-loved sport around the world, and is enjoyed by fans of all ages. The annual baseball season is an important event, and provides an opportunity for teams to compete and show off their skills. As the weather warms up, teams and fans alike look forward to the start of the baseball season. So, when was baseball season supposed to start?

History of Baseball

Baseball is said to have originated in England, and is believed to have been brought to the United States by immigrants. The game evolved over time, and by the mid-19th century, it had become an organized sport in the United States. The first professional baseball league was founded in 1871, and the National League followed shortly after in 1876.

Major League Baseball (MLB)

Major League Baseball (MLB) is the highest level of professional baseball in the United States. It is composed of 30 teams, divided into two leagues: the National League and the American League. Each team plays 162 games during the regular season, which runs from April to September.

Baseball Season Start Dates

MLB typically begins its regular season in the end of March or beginning of April. The official start date for the 2021 season was April 1st. The season typically ends in late October, with the World Series taking place in the first week of November.

Delays to the 2021 Season

The 2021 season was delayed due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. The start of the regular season was pushed back to April 26th, with teams playing a shortened 60-game season. The playoffs were also shortened and began on September 30th, with the World Series ending on October 28th.

The Impact of Delays on Players

The delay of the 2021 season had a significant impact on players. Many players had to make adjustments to their training routines in order to prepare for the start of the season. Some players also had to adjust their contract negotiations due to the delay.

The Impact of Delays on Fans

The delay of the 2021 season also had an impact on fans. Many fans were disappointed by the delay, as they were looking forward to watching their favorite teams in action. The shortened season also meant that fans had less time to watch their favorite teams play.

Cancellations and Postponements Due to COVID-19

The 2021 season was not without its share of cancellations and postponements due to COVID-19. The MLB had to cancel or postpone over 100 games during the regular season due to positive COVID-19 tests or local health restrictions.

The Return of Fans to the Ballpark

Despite the cancellations and postponements, fans were able to return to the ballpark in some capacity. The MLB allowed teams to implement their own safety protocols, such as capacity limits and social distancing measures. The return of fans was welcomed by teams and fans alike, as it allowed the baseball season to continue.

The 2021 MLB Postseason

The 2021 postseason began on September 30th, with the World Series ending on October 28th. The season was filled with excitement, as teams battled it out for the title of World Series champions. The Tampa Bay Rays ultimately emerged victorious, winning their first World Series title in franchise history.


The 2021 baseball season was filled with anticipation and excitement. The season was delayed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but teams and fans alike were happy to see the return of baseball. The season was full of cancellations and postponements, but ultimately concluded with the Tampa Bay Rays being crowned as the 2021 World Series champions. So, when was baseball season supposed to start? The 2021 season was originally slated to start on April 1st, but was delayed until April 26th due to the COVID-19 pandemic.