Where can I watch MLB in Canada?

Introduction to MLB in Canada

Major League Baseball (MLB) is the top professional baseball league in the United States and Canada. MLB’s Canadian teams are the Toronto Blue Jays and the Montreal Expos. Baseball fans in Canada can watch MLB games on television, streaming services, and radio.

MLB on Television

The two primary broadcasters of MLB in Canada are Sportsnet and TSN. Sportsnet broadcasts the majority of Blue Jays games, as well as select games from other teams. TSN broadcasts select games from other teams as well. Both networks also broadcast the All-Star Game and the World Series.

Streaming Services

MLB games can also be streamed through various streaming services. Sportsnet Now, the streaming service offered by Sportsnet, allows users to stream all Blue Jays games, as well as select games from other teams. TSN Direct also offers streaming of select games from other teams. MLB.tv is the official streaming service of MLB, and it offers streaming of all games for a monthly or yearly fee.

MLB on the Radio

MLB games can also be heard on the radio. Sportsnet offers radio broadcasts of Blue Jays games on its Sportsnet 590 station. TSN also offers radio broadcasts of select games from other teams.

Ticket Prices and Availability

Tickets to MLB games are available for purchase through the teams’ official websites. Ticket prices vary by game and seating section. Tickets to Blue Jays games can also be purchased through ticket resellers like StubHub and Ticketmaster.

MLB on Social Media

MLB teams have official social media accounts, where fans can follow the latest news and updates about their favourite teams. Each team’s official website also provides up-to-date information about their games and players.

MLB Fan Clubs

MLB teams have official fan clubs, which host events and activities for members. The Blue Jays’ official fan club is the Jays Care Foundation, which holds various events and fundraisers throughout the year.

MLB Merchandise

MLB teams have official merchandise stores, where fans can purchase apparel and other items related to their favourite teams. The Blue Jay’s official store is the Jays Shop, which has a wide selection of Blue Jays-branded apparel, accessories, and collectibles.

MLB-Themed Bars and Restaurants

There are also several bars and restaurants in Canada that are dedicated to MLB. The Blue Jays Bar in Toronto is a popular spot for Blue Jays fans, as is the Expos Bar in Montreal. These establishments offer food and drink specials during games, as well as MLB-themed events.


MLB is a popular sport in Canada, and there are several ways for fans to watch their favourite teams. MLB games can be watched on television, streamed through various services, and heard on the radio. Tickets to games can be purchased through the official team websites, and there are several fan clubs and merchandise stores for MLB fans in Canada. There are also several bars and restaurants that offer MLB-themed events. With so many ways to watch MLB in Canada, fans can easily keep up with their favourite teams.