Which MLB team has highest attendance?

Which MLB Team Has the Highest Attendance?

Since the Major League Baseball (MLB) season began in 1876, there have been teams that have consistently attracted more fans than others. Whether it’s the Yankees, Red Sox, Cubs, Dodgers, or Giants, there have always been teams that draw more people to their games than the rest.

The same is true today. As the MLB continues to expand, there are more teams than ever, but that doesn’t mean that the same teams are still at the top in terms of attendance. In fact, the team that has the highest attendance changes from year to year.

MLB Attendance Statistics

The MLB keeps track of total attendance numbers for all of its teams, and the data is available for anyone to view. For the 2019 season, the team that had the highest attendance was the Los Angeles Dodgers, with 3,974,309 fans attending their games.

The New York Yankees were second, with 3,857,309 fans, while the Chicago Cubs were third with 3,305,865 fans. Rounding out the top five were the San Francisco Giants (2,973,726) and the St. Louis Cardinals (2,862,737).

Most Popular MLB Teams

It’s no surprise that the Dodgers, Yankees, Cubs, Giants, and Cardinals are among the most popular teams in the MLB. These teams have a long history of success and have a passionate fan base that has been around for generations.

These teams also have some of the most iconic ballparks in the league, which helps to draw in fans. The Dodgers play at Dodger Stadium, the Yankees at Yankee Stadium, the Cubs at Wrigley Field, the Giants at AT&T Park, and the Cardinals at Busch Stadium.

Reasons for High Attendance

There are a few reasons why these teams have consistently high attendance numbers. For one, they are some of the most successful teams in the league, which means that there is always a high level of interest in their games.

Additionally, these teams have some of the most loyal fan bases in the league. Even when the team is struggling, the fans still come out to support their team.

Another reason is that these teams are located in large cities, which means there are more people who are able to attend the games.

What Other Teams Have High Attendance?

While the Dodgers, Yankees, Cubs, Giants, and Cardinals are consistently at the top of the attendance list, there are other teams that have seen a surge in attendance in recent years.

Washington Nationals

The Washington Nationals have seen a dramatic increase in attendance since they moved to Washington in 2005. In 2019, the Nationals had an attendance of 2,611,936, which was good for sixth in the league.

Houston Astros

The Houston Astros have also seen a surge in attendance in recent years. In 2019, the Astros had an attendance of 2,476,717, which was good for seventh in the league.

Boston Red Sox

The Red Sox have always been a popular team, but their attendance numbers have been down in recent years. In 2019, the Red Sox had an attendance of 2,459,162, which was good for eighth in the league.

MLB Attendance Trends

There have been some interesting trends in MLB attendance over the years. For one, the average attendance per game has steadily been decreasing since its peak in 2007.

This is likely due to the increasing cost of tickets, as well as the availability of streaming services, which allow fans to watch games at home instead of attending in person.

Future of MLB Attendance

It’s hard to predict what the future of MLB attendance will be, but it’s likely that the teams with the most loyal fan bases will continue to have the highest attendance numbers.

The Dodgers, Yankees, Cubs, Giants, and Cardinals have all proven to be resilient in the face of adversity, and it’s likely that they will remain at the top of the attendance list for many years to come.


Attendance numbers in the MLB have been declining in recent years, but there are still teams that draw in large crowds. The Los Angeles Dodgers have consistently been at the top of the list, followed by the New York Yankees, Chicago Cubs, San Francisco Giants, and St. Louis Cardinals.

The Washington Nationals, Houston Astros, and Boston Red Sox have also seen a surge in attendance in recent years. It’s likely that these teams will continue to be popular in the future, but it’s hard to predict which teams will have the highest attendance numbers.

Regardless of who is at the top of the list, it’s clear that the MLB will continue to be a popular and successful league for many years to come.