Who decides MLB commissioner?

MLB Commissioner: Who Decides?

The Major League Baseball (MLB) commissioner is the most powerful position in the sport. The MLB commissioner is responsible for all aspects of the game, from player discipline and salary negotiations to marketing and international expansion. As such, it is important to understand who decides who will fill the role of commissioner.

MLB Owners

The MLB owners are responsible for selecting the commissioner. The owners are the 30 individuals or entities who own the 30 Major League Baseball teams. The owners are the ones who have the most to gain or lose from the decisions of the commissioner, so they take the process of selection seriously.

The selection process begins with the owners discussing the qualities they want from a commissioner. After a shortlist of candidates is identified, the owners then interview the candidates and vote on their selection.

The Role of the Commissioner

The role of the MLB commissioner is to serve as the chief executive of the league. The commissioner is responsible for the overall health and growth of the league, including setting the rules and regulations, overseeing salary negotiations and player discipline, and working with the players’ union.

The commissioner also serves as the public face of the league, representing the league in negotiations with other organizations, such as television networks and sponsors. The commissioner also works with international and local organizations to promote the sport.

The History of the MLB Commissioner

The MLB commissioner was first appointed in 1921. The first commissioner, Kenesaw Mountain Landis, was chosen by the owners to clean up the sport, which was plagued by allegations of gambling and bribery by players.

Since then, the commissioner has been responsible for the growth of the sport. The commissioners have been responsible for introducing new rules and regulations, developing revenue streams, and promoting the sport. The commissioners have also been instrumental in negotiating labor agreements between the owners and the players’ union.

The Current Commissioner

The current MLB commissioner is Rob Manfred. Manfred was appointed in 2015, and has been responsible for overseeing the league’s growth and development. Manfred has worked to increase revenue streams and expand the league’s international presence.

Manfred has also been responsible for negotiating labor agreements with the players’ union. He has focused on increasing player safety, while also attempting to reduce the length of games. Manfred has also been instrumental in developing new technologies to enhance the fan experience.

The Future of the Commissioner

The future of the MLB commissioner is uncertain. Manfred’s current term will expire in 2021, and the owners have yet to decide if they will extend his term. There are also rumors that the owners may look for a new commissioner to lead the league in the future.

The owners have not revealed who they are considering for the role, but it is likely that they will look for someone with a strong background in law and business. The new commissioner could also bring a different perspective and ideas to the league, helping to create a more competitive and exciting product.

The Selection Process

The selection process for the new commissioner is likely to involve a lengthy process. The owners will likely discuss the qualities they want from a commissioner, and will then interview potential candidates. The owners will then vote on the selection.

The process could be lengthy, as it involves multiple steps, including interviews and presentations from the candidates. The owners will also consider the candidates’ backgrounds in law, business, and other aspects of the sport.

The Qualities of a Commissioner

The owners will likely look for a commissioner who has a strong background in law and business. The commissioner should also have a strong understanding of the sport, and an understanding of the issues facing the league.

The commissioner must also be a good communicator, and be able to work with the owners, the players’ union, and other organizations. The commissioner should also be able to make tough decisions, while still keeping the best interests of the league and the fans in mind.


The MLB commissioner is a powerful and important position, and the selection process is a lengthy and thorough process. The owners are responsible for selecting the commissioner, and they take this responsibility seriously. The commissioner must have a strong background in law and business, as well as a strong understanding of the sport. The commissioner must also be able to make tough decisions in the best interests of the league and the fans.