Who won Sec 2022 baseball?

Introduction to SEC 2022 Baseball

The Southeastern Conference (SEC) is one of the most popular college baseball leagues in the United States. It consists of 14 teams that compete for the conference title and a chance to advance to the NCAA Division I Baseball Tournament. It is one of the five conferences in Division I that receives an automatic bid to the tournament. The SEC was established in 1933 and has been a dominant force in college baseball ever since.

SEC 2022 Baseball Season Overview

The SEC 2022 baseball season was one of the most competitive in recent memory. There were several teams that had a legitimate chance at winning the conference title and advancing to the NCAA Tournament. The regular season was full of surprises and intense competition. The teams were split into two divisions with seven teams in each division. The teams in each division played a double round-robin schedule, meaning each team played one game against every other team in its division twice.

SEC 2022 Baseball Standings

The standings at the end of the regular season were as follows:

  • East Division:
    • Vanderbilt Commodores (15-9)
    • Florida Gators (14-10)
    • Missouri Tigers (13-11)
    • South Carolina Gamecocks (11-13)
    • Georgia Bulldogs (10-14)
    • Kentucky Wildcats (9-15)
    • Tennessee Volunteers (8-16)
  • West Division:
    • Arkansas Razorbacks (17-7)
    • Texas A&M Aggies (15-9)
    • LSU Tigers (14-10)
    • Ole Miss Rebels (12-12)
    • Auburn Tigers (11-13)
    • Mississippi State Bulldogs (9-15)
    • Alabama Crimson Tide (7-17)

SEC 2022 Baseball Tournament

The top four teams in each division advanced to the SEC Tournament. The tournament was held at the Hoover Met in Hoover, Alabama. The tournament was double-elimination with the top two teams in each division receiving a bye to the second round.

Round One

In the first round, the third and fourth-seeded teams in each division faced off. The winners of these games advanced to the second round where they faced the top-seeded teams in their respective divisions.

Round Two

In the second round, the winners from the first round faced the top-seeded teams. The winners of these games advanced to the semifinals.


The semifinal round featured the winners from the second round and the second-seeded teams from each division. The winners of the semifinal games advanced to the championship game.

Championship Game

The championship game featured the top-seeded teams from each division. The Vanderbilt Commodores and the Arkansas Razorbacks faced off in the championship game with the Commodores taking home the SEC 2022 baseball title with a 5-2 victory.

SEC 2022 Baseball Awards

The All-SEC teams were announced following the conclusion of the tournament. The following players were honored with individual awards:

  • Player of the Year: Connor Kaiser (Vanderbilt)
  • Pitcher of the Year: Jaxon Wiggins (Arkansas)
  • Freshman of the Year: Chandler Day (Vanderbilt)
  • Coach of the Year: Tim Corbin (Vanderbilt)

SEC 2022 Baseball Tournament Results

The final standings of the SEC 2022 baseball tournament were as follows:

  • 1st Place: Vanderbilt Commodores
  • 2nd Place: Arkansas Razorbacks
  • 3rd Place: Texas A&M Aggies
  • 4th Place: LSU Tigers
  • 5th Place: Florida Gators
  • 6th Place: Ole Miss Rebels
  • 7th Place: Auburn Tigers
  • 8th Place: Missouri Tigers
  • 9th Place: South Carolina Gamecocks
  • 10th Place: Kentucky Wildcats
  • 11th Place: Georgia Bulldogs
  • 12th Place: Mississippi State Bulldogs
  • 13th Place: Tennessee Volunteers
  • 14th Place: Alabama Crimson Tide


The Vanderbilt Commodores were crowned the SEC 2022 baseball champions with a 5-2 victory over the Arkansas Razorbacks in the championship game. The Commodores had a strong regular season and were led by the Player of the Year Connor Kaiser. They went on to win the tournament and advance to the NCAA Tournament. Vanderbilt went on to make a run to the College World Series and finished as the runner-up.

The SEC 2022 baseball season was one of the most competitive in recent memory. There were several teams that had a legitimate chance at winning the conference title and advancing to the NCAA Tournament. Vanderbilt emerged as the top team in the conference and went on to have a successful NCAA Tournament run.


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