Why doesn t Orel Hershiser travel with the Dodgers?

Orel Hershiser is a former Major League Baseball (MLB) pitcher who played for the Los Angeles Dodgers, Cleveland Indians, San Francisco Giants and New York Mets. He is best known for his 1988 season with the Dodgers, where he set a record for the longest scoreless streak in MLB history. Despite his success with the team, Hershiser has never been asked to travel with the Dodgers on a regular basis, and the reason why is a bit of a mystery. In this article, we’ll explore why Orel Hershiser doesn’t travel with the Dodgers and what his current relationship with the team looks like.

Hershiser’s Career with the Dodgers

Orel Hershiser spent the majority of his career with the Los Angeles Dodgers, playing for them from 1983-1994 and returning for a brief stint in 2000. During his tenure with the team, he won the National League Cy Young Award in 1988 and the World Series MVP in 1988. He was also an All-Star in three consecutive years from 1988-1990. In total, Hershiser pitched in 303 games with the Dodgers and had a total win-loss record of 129-95.

Hershiser’s Relationship with the Dodgers after Retirement

Hershiser retired from the MLB in 2000 and has since been involved with the Dodgers in various capacities. He has served as a special advisor to the team, a spring training instructor, and a broadcaster for the Dodgers’ TV network. Despite his ongoing involvement with the team, Hershiser has never been asked to travel with the Dodgers on a regular basis.

Reasons for Hershiser Not Traveling with the Dodgers

There are a few potential reasons why Hershiser has not been asked to travel with the Dodgers.

Lack of a Role

Hershiser does not currently have an official role with the team, and it is possible that the team does not want to create a role specifically for him. The Dodgers already have a number of coaches, scouts, and other personnel who travel with the team on a regular basis, and it is unclear what Hershiser would do if he were to join the traveling party.

Little Involvement with the Players

Hershiser also has limited involvement with the current players on the team. While he may be able to provide some insight and advice, it is likely that the team prefers coaches and other personnel who are actively involved in working with the players on a daily basis.

Cost and Logistics

It is also possible that the Dodgers simply do not want to incur the costs associated with having Hershiser travel with the team. The team would have to pay for Hershiser’s transportation and lodging, which could add up over the course of a season. Additionally, the team may not want to deal with the logistical issues that come with having an extra person in the traveling party.

Hershiser’s Current Relationship with the Dodgers

Despite not traveling with the team, Hershiser still maintains an active relationship with the Dodgers. He is often seen at Dodger Stadium during home games and regularly appears on the Dodgers’ TV network. He is also an active member of the Dodgers’ alumni community, attending various events and gatherings.

Hershiser’s Legacy with the Dodgers

Though Hershiser does not travel with the team, his legacy with the Dodgers is still strong. He is one of the most beloved players in franchise history and is recognized as one of the best pitchers of his era. His record-breaking 1988 season will forever be remembered as one of the greatest single-season performances in MLB history.

Hershiser’s Impact on Future Generations of Dodgers

Hershiser’s legacy with the Dodgers is not limited to his performance on the field. He has also had a lasting impact on future generations of Dodgers players. His competitive spirit, dedication to the game, and unwavering loyalty to the team have served as an inspiration to many current and past Dodgers players.


Orel Hershiser’s relationship with the Dodgers may have changed since his retirement, but his impact on the team has not. He is still an important figure in the Dodgers’ community and will always be remembered for his record-breaking 1988 season. Though he does not travel with the team, Hershiser is still an active member of the Dodgers’ alumni community, and his legacy and influence will live on in future generations of Dodgers players.