Will baseball have 162 games?

Baseball is a beloved sport in America, and its 162-game regular season has been a long-standing tradition for decades. But with the emergence of the new coronavirus pandemic, the future of baseball and its 162-game season is in doubt. This article will discuss the pros and cons of having a 162-game season, and whether or not it is a viable option for the 2020 season.

Overview of 162-Game Season

The 162-game season is the longest season in professional sports and is the main attraction of baseball. It is a long and grueling season that requires a lot of physical and mental endurance from the players, and is beloved by fans for its longevity and unpredictability. The 162-game season also allows teams to have a better chance of making the playoffs, as teams with good records throughout the season often make it to the postseason.

Pros of 162-Game Season

  • Competitive Balance: The 162-game season helps create a more level playing field for teams, as teams have more opportunities to make up for bad stretches during the season. This helps create a more competitive and exciting atmosphere, which is great for fans.
  • More Revenue: The 162-game season also helps bring in more revenue for teams and the league in general, as teams can play more games and draw in more fans. This helps the league and teams to stay profitable and continue to operate.
  • Better Scheduling: The 162-game season also helps with scheduling, as teams can plan their games more effectively and can create better rivalries and matchups. This helps to create more interesting games and can help draw in more fans.

Cons of 162-Game Season

  • Player Fatigue: One of the biggest drawbacks of 162-game season is the amount of physical and mental fatigue it can cause to players. The long season can take a toll on players’ bodies, and can lead to injuries.
  • Increased Cost: The 162-game season can also be costly for teams, as they have to pay for more players, coaches, and other personnel. This can be a problem for smaller-market teams that have smaller budgets.
  • Less Exciting Games: The 162-game season can also lead to less exciting games, as teams can become complacent and not give their all in every game. This can make it harder for fans to become excited about each game.

Impact of Coronavirus Pandemic

The coronavirus pandemic has had a major impact on the 162-game season, as the pandemic has caused the sports world to grind to a halt. With the pandemic still ongoing, it is unclear if the 162-game season can still be played in 2020, or if it will have to be shortened or canceled altogether.

Shortened Season

One option that has been discussed is a shortened season. A shortened season would be shorter than the traditional 162-game season, but would still allow teams to play a competitive schedule and provide fans with some entertainment. This option could be beneficial for teams, as they would not have to pay as much in salaries and other costs, and it could help the league minimize losses due to the pandemic.

Canceled Season

Another option that has been discussed is a canceled season. This would be the most extreme option, as teams would not be able to play any games at all and the league would suffer severe losses. This would also be a major blow to fans, as they would not be able to enjoy the 162-game season and the excitement that it brings.


The future of the 162-game season is still uncertain, as the coronavirus pandemic continues to cause disruption in the sports world. While a 162-game season has its benefits, it also has its drawbacks, and it is unclear if it is a viable option for the 2020 season. Teams and the league will need to weigh the pros and cons of a 162-game season, and make the best decision for the future of the sport.


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